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Story Time!

I wanted to start something fun on the forums. It’s an enjoyable activity called “Finish the Story”, and it’s a great way to pass the time while creating an interesting story. The person starting the thread begins the story, and then others will continue the story. It can be long or short and it doesn’t have to make much sense. If the story ends, a new one can be created. I hope this thread gets a lot of participants, because stories like these can begin one way and turn into something quite different. It’s a chance for us all to showcase our creativity and enjoy something that came together from our individual ideas. Now, I will start the story in the sentences below:

Once upon a time, there lived a withered old man in a small town called River’s End. He had no wife, no son, and no money. He was known as the loneliest man in all of River’s End.

Following. I enjoy reading stories.

If you comment, then you have to contribute to the story. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahahaha! Okay I will try.

He was getting ready to go to bed. A big brown bear came to his small wooden house and sneaked into his messy filthy kitchen. He heard the sound the bear was making. ˝slurp…om nom nom˝, the bear was eating his leftover soup.

Suddenly a Fiverr seller burst through the window. Ignoring the bear, he shrieked into the house about his 3 million Instagram followers for $5 deal in broken English. Disturbed, the bear took one mighty swipe at the seller who expired on the spot. This made the kitchen look even worse. The burglar paused for thought.

“What if I could make a living scamming people on Fiverr? I wouldn’t need to rob people in real life, and I wouldn’t need to exit, pursued by a bear!” At that very moment, the bear started to talk in flawless English. It tuned out that the bear was…

LOL so much. Ummm okay I am picturing how the bear talked :smiley:

It turned out that the bear was actually a masterful wizard, and he had come to grant the old man one wish. The powerful wizard was furious at the burglar for interrupting his meal, and he was appalled at the devious nature of the crook.

The wizard growled at the cowering intruder in an authoritative voice, “I will not allow you to cause anymore misfortune, you foul creature. Be gone!” The mighty mage swiftly transformed the thief into a fly and swatted it with his large paw; the burglar would never steal again. Hearing all of the commotion, the old man cautiously entered the kitchen to find a large, menacing bear standing on its hind legs.

What will happen to the old man? Will anybody continue the story?

They are busy, you know.

The old man rubbed his tired eyes. “What the hell?” He shouted. “You’re not my Tinder date!”

The bear, not wanting to reveal his true identity looked around confused. It didn’t make sense. Yes a shapeshifting wizard as old as the bear was, was liable to have a few minor vision problems. Surely, though, he would have noticed the old man’s Tinder date if he or she had been in the kitchen when he entered?

Then, to the bears horror, he realized that what he had been eating before he had been interrupted by the burglar wasn’t soup at all. Rather, it was the old man’s Tinder date herself who had been bathing in the old tin bath by the fireplace!

“Mien Gott!” Gasped the old man who made it a personal rule only to ever blaspheme in German. “You, you’ve eaten her!”

The bear made for the exit as fast as he could just as the old man began to load his antique blunderbuss.

“You won’t get far you brute!” The old man called after him.

And he was right… Because it was just at that moment that the rest of the guests for the old man’s Tuesday night swingers party started to arrive…

{I want to read more of your version!}