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Story with a Buyer That Needs Your Opinion

This buyer contacted me today. Asked me to rewrite a content and make it unique. I agreed. He sent content to me. I rewrote content and ran it through all the plagiarism checker that I know. I sent content to buyer, buyer says “sorry that’s not exactly what I want.” He went further to say I just edited his content and threatened to escalate the situation to fiverr. I told him, if he wants original content, we will have to make a new order.

There is only way this is going go down, a 1-star review. because as for me, I think I am going to decline his dispute.

Which is better ( A 1-star review or a cancellation)

If you were in the same scenario with me what will you have done? Cancel or Keep. after I get like ten responses, I will know what to know.

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You should cancel the order because you already have negative reviews and this will further decline your rating .

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My rating is at 97% isn’t that a good rating

Still giving thoughts to your statement.

Whether you choose this very amount or a good profile and rating which can generate many amounts like this ?

If you will continue to give preferences to amounts and don’t give any attention to your profile and rating then it will surely ruin you. You may lose levels system from fiverr and further keep in mind there are a lot of sellers like you that have 100% rating and buyer will always prefer good rating so focus on your profile .

This one amount will not give you anything but the good profile will help you get many amounts like this .

Thank you very much. You have been wonderful. I just cancelled the order. I no it will affect my search rating but it will wear off with time.

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both are harmful but I think cancellation is best option there

There are two types of cancellation now , one is good cancellation and other is bad . I don’t know what reason you have put in cancellation but the fiverr team will decide it and yeah it will wear off with time.

I did not initiate the cancellation, buyer did, and I accepted after typing off a lengthy reason why I am not cancelling because he threatened but cancelling because I value the peace of mind I will get.

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Where did you get the update for a good and bad cancellation

There was a lot of cases like this when the cancellation was done but not at the fault of the seller like the buyer purchased the gig and ask for the work the seller don’t even do or the buyer purchased the gig and ask for the work which is a lot more than the scope of the gig so in this case even the seller had not fault but cancellation effected the seller .

So the Fiverr team had confirmed this that there are two types of cancellation one is bad and other is good , bad cancellation will effect your profile but the good cancellation will have no effect on your profile and what is bad and what is good this will decide the fiverr team on the basis of circumstances or the reasons of cancellation.

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