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Straight and honest review

Hey, I am looking for ways and maybe tips and tricks from you that are a little bit more experienced…
And also can you guys mention when you got your first order and if it made everything easier(if you got future sells easier) . Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve got my first order with the words “I see that you are new and don’t have any review, so I hope you will go hard and show good results”. Probably, I was lucky, because my first buyer didn’t ask for a huge discount or anything else - he ordered my service, was satisfied with the result and left a 5 star review. The second order was very similar - a woman from Australia asked me if I am new, and ordered a service. My second order was only 30$ order and I worked the whole day, but I was happy, because I saw, that Fiverr started to work for me, impressions and clicks increased and it was difficult, but my first orders gave me a goodstart here.