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Strange behavior of the clients

A client begin an conversation saying “I have been inundated with under qualified sellers and people who are not doing what they say they do… and its a real shame however your portfolio is a breath of fresh air.
His project was a video/animation project (moving images) , he just sent me 2 illustrations and 2 lines of description (that I didn quiet understood) , so I started asking questions about what exactly he needs ...after a couple of questions he replied: "Hey man, I don’t mean to be abrupt but the questions your asking don’t fill me with confidence with such an important project so I’m going to pass this time, best of luck mate" And his answers to my questions where something like this: I asked : So you need a mixture of both illustrations ? he replied : Did my original brief not make sense along with the request? :( (when there was no detail description in the brief , just some samples from a previous project of him) Specially for the big projects , whats wrong about asking questioner when there is almost no project description ?

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There is nothing wrong with asking questions if you need information to complete a job!

There is a phrase that some people use on the forums… you’ve probably dodged a bullet with this buyer!

)) ,what kind of bullet it could be ?

In the beginning I mentioned the steps that we should go through , and then started asking questions about project details…