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Strange Bug in buyer request

There is a strange bug I have seen in buyer request section which is if there are more then one attachment buyer posted then on website you will see only 1 attachment the first one and if you check in fiverr app, you can see all the attachment buyer attached.
I have attached screenshot for same.

I hope fiverr development team will look this issue and get it fixed because to check attachments in mobile app and then to submit proposal is quite a tedious job.


You lucky man! You ara able to see all attachments. In my case, I can’t see even single attachment :smiley:

There are many bugs, but still it is working as number 1 :stuck_out_tongue: strange but true :smiley:

In my web view, I can see attachment too as you mentioned but in mobile app, not a single one. Even because of your this post, I come to know there can be multiple attachments in request lol :smiley: Coz, I never see more than 1 or never think on it.

Also there is a bug in request, level 0 or no level sellers are not able to see requests, it’s also a common bug. :smiley:

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I am an iOS user. Maybe, it is because of OS difference. Any other iOS user? who can able to see attachments in buyer requests from mobile app.

that’s not a bug though, they have done it intentionally. Sellers without level will see job post once or twice in a day at a random time and it disappeared quite quickly when jobs recieve some considerable proposals. For sellers L1 & L2 they can see jobs and can apply anytime.

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It’s our thoughts just. We take this in that way. But, actually it’s a bug. You can search it more.

Well, we both are not on that level now, no worries :slight_smile:

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