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Strange Buyer Behavior

Recently, I proofread a few brochures from a Buyer. Before I created the gig, they addressed me as, “Pretty Lady,” and after the gig was completed, they tipped me and offered to take me on an “all expenses paid vacation.” After I declined the invitation, they responded by calling my work garbage and continued to do so even after I offered to revise the brochures because, as a Seller, it is my job to ensure that my clients are happy.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Please report to CS - unwanted and inappropriate behaviour like this is wrong, and needs to be dealt with.


This is very wrong and unwarranted.

#Just DO what @offlinehelpers said above.

That’s awful and definitely something that must be reported.

I’m in a dilemma of my own:
I offer consultancy services (paid of course) but I have had a buyer who has been wasting my time for the past month and keeps sending me messages without making an order. He finally went ahead with the order, but didn’t send me all the requirements (I had to work with what I had & have spent hours on this job, but keeps sending me messages about him being busy etc). I delivered the work because honestly, the order didn’t equate to amount of time I have spent on this. He continues to message me wanting to let me documents and links to click on. I feel unsafe doing so. He even wants to give me the passwords to log into his SM to change bios etc. Is there a way to block this buyer? I don’t feel safe doing any of the above.

That is awful :disappointed: I have emailed CS and am waiting to hear back… perhaps you should do the same. I took screenshots of the conversation between myself and the Buyer and am hoping it is enough to prompt the CS team to follow up.

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