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Strange Buyer Requests


Someone did you ever ask to do something that could be not legal? I’ve seen some buyer ask for a photoshop modification of a bank document (or other imporant document), or buyer that ask you to write some false review on Tripavdisor.
I think it’s really sad, and that some new seller could do that type of works only to have a positive review.


This is the internet. People think they are more anonymous than they really are. There are people out there who will try to buy anything and people who will try to sell anything. It’s not just Fiverr. You can report them to Customer Support with a Trust and Safety ticket or ignore them.


If someone insists that you need to do something illegal for them, inform them that what they are asking for is illegal, and you will report them to Fiverr or the authorities. That can often be a reasonable deterrent. My advice: put your foot down on requests for illegal work. Do not put yourself in a position where you are aiding someone who is trying to break the law (or the rules of Fiverr). Doing so could get YOU into trouble with the law/Fiverr as well.

It is okay to say no.