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Strange client from

USING FIVERR almost one year, only got one real customer who want to register Chinese company.
I tell him all the steps for register one company, and also cost for accountant.
He finally ask me whether can use our company for selling on Amazon.
I tell him we have some risk if let him use our company. He is a little worry to lost money online. we discuss 1 or two days.

I can allow him use our company name and company information for selling on Amazon,but he need to binding his own card.

Deal is aggree by both of us.

He ask me to make offer to him and also help register one Amazon account.
Doing extra work, I was not charge him.
After finished my work, I send him account information.
He is not agree now, ask me binding my card and pay Amazon cost. Of course, I refuce to pay website cost.
he tell me withdraw the order, but I am new to fiverr, don’t know how to cancel.

This is SPAM/Scam. Refer to Customer Support. Go to the Job and on the right here will be a panel for referring the job to their team.

I think you got yourself in a bit too deep but this is probably one they need to let you out of as it sounds like a common scam posted to just about every one of us, esp those of us with few orders in hope we are naive/desperate enough to play along.

Sorry to hear this has happened but learn from it - there were Red Flags you ignored.


this is first and only one order

Yes, getting real customers is incredibly hard. Sadly most ppl here are looking for a Ferrari for $5, even then they won’t say what color they want so when you deliver a red one they complain that it wasn’t yellow because their description reading “dope” clearly meant “yellow” (seeing that is the one DJ Shizzy Jizzer got photographed next to).

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