Strange Converstions


I had listed a proofreading job, and in the first conversation, I noticed that the person used some weird phrasing that indicated to me that she was non-English. In any case, she abruptly stopped communicating before we had an agreement.

Next, I responded to someone who was enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to get the manuscript. After several back-n-forths, abrupt silence.

  1. Did I violate some Fiverr rule by posting the manuscript in the last message?

  2. Do I have to accept the offer before she can download the manuscript? She had made two offers, one slightly less than the original.

  3. Can other people download my manuscript?

  4. How can I withdraw my manuscript? It is on Fiverr’s servers, so that is not good.

  5. How can I tell if she has downloaded the manuscript?

This is very weird. Why would someone seem incredibly interested and willing, and share almost the exact same interests as me and then suddenly cut off contact? If I cancel my account does my manuscript also go into Fiverr’s cyber paperbasket?

Looks like I’m going to be my own proofreader, judging by seriously weird actions of some participants. Not even a “Sorry, I’m not interested now.”


Doesn’t sound like you violated any rules.
Perhaps the seller is in a different time zone and has simply gone to bed. It is one of the annoyances of Fiverr that sometimes in mid discussion, one of the parties just leaves. However, it is impossible for people to know whether the other party is going to respond promptly or not so sitting waiting forever is not really a good idea.

Where did you upload your manuscript to - did you send a message to the seller or did you upload it in the Buyer Requests section? If you sent it to a seller then they can download it.
If you uploaded it to Buyer Requests then anyone can download it; you can also just remove the request if you want.


I stop answering questions after sending two offers usually.

It was time to accept one of the offers or leave at that point.

Don’t worry about your manuscript. As important as it is to you, it probably has nothing of interest to others such as the person you showed it to.


There are loads of top-rated proofreaders with proofreading gigs you can purchase, and many of them speak English as a first language fluently. Many of them are not English, but some of them are, if you really need an English-born person to proofread (OK I’m being facetious here, you clearly meant “she did not speak English fluently”).

I’m guessing that you listed the job in “buyer request”, a notorious place on Fiverr where you are unlikely to get the best quality sellers.


I dont think anything wrong


[quote=“misscrystal, post:3, topic:203104, full:true”]

I don’t build relationship with people unless they can communicate affirmatively. This includes, if not answers, at least acknowledgement of questions. I am first time here. so I don’t know these strange communication standards you seem to accept.

I’m not worried about her having it, I’m worried about my copy being on this website’s servers. You didn’t answer my question, so I assume there’s no way I can get it back.

I’m not going to spend money unless I have some idea of what’s what.


I told you why she probably stopped answering you so yes I did answer at least one of your questions.

This is a big site so no one is going to read all the manuscripts and content that people give to sellers.

It sounds to me like she did indeed answer questions and show she can communicate well. After a while it is time to place your order.

When it gets to the point that she gives you two offers, and still you continue on asking questions, that’s when it’s time to give up for some of us.


What’s better place to list it?

Isn’t $100 really cheap price to proof a 400-page book?


I fear the concept of getting things back doesn´t work on the internet at large. If you want to know what Fiverr does with files that go through their servers, you could ask Customer Support.


Not sure. What is the word count on that?
Fiverr is a place where you will often get great value but other times you will get someone who thinks proofreading means running the manuscript through the free version of Grammarly. If it is too cheap then IMO, it is too expensive. What I mean by that is, proofreading needs to be done well or you might as well not bother.

When choosing a seller to proofread, give them 2500 words to start with, see how they do with that. If you are happy with that work, then consider giving them a larger slice.


Between 90k to 120k words, standard is approximately 250 words per page.

Yes, it is, ridiculously low. Accepted price is 1 to 2 cents per word.


I asked about getting my manuscript off your servers and you replied “don;t worry about it” so yeah, that’s sort of a diversionary and non-informative “answer”.

I didn’t;t know proofreaders were such Prima-Donnas. They can’t even stoop to acknowledgement communications. Good luck building a business by refusing to communicate with your customers! :slight_smile:


The 1st time on 5r can be rather daunting because this is a unique platform.

To answer your question, as long as you remove it or delete, it is not on 5r server. Please keep in mind, sellers may have probably downloaded at this point.

Buyers Request is NOT somewhere you want to hire a proofreader, matter of fact, I’d say about only 1 out of 5 or approximately 20% of sellers on 5r know how to proofread. Search through carefully before hiring and only do the first 1000 words to see what you get.


@miiila gave you the best advice for that - contact Customer Services - we on the forum aren’t Fiverr CS - we’re just buyers and sellers like you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. That sounds like a great idea, to do a sample first. Word count is about 8-12 words/line x 50-60 lines/page x 400 pages = 200,000 words? That’s a lot of work for $100, isn’t it?


Yeah, if that is the case then I agree, ridiculously low price.
@lindseyreed consider this. Proofreading something that size will take 40 hours depending on the quality of the writing initially as well as the content itself, ie. A 400 page kids book should be quicker than a scientific thesis.

Now try to think of a place in the world where a native English speaker would do 40 hours of work for $100, because I don’t know one.
I would suggest that you forget about that seller - they are going to do a quick Grammarly type job or something similar.
Take a section of the book, approx 2000 words, and hire 3-4 different people to proofread the same piece.
Check over the work they do and pick the one you are happiest with to do the rest. Do not mention that it is part of a big job, just see what they do with the work you give them. That should cost $50-60 in total

Overall, you should be looking at spending AT LEAST $1000 to get a decent, native speaking proofreader to do a week of work for you. A bit less, a bit more might be ok too but anything much less is not worth it.

Also, do check out the actual word count - there is potentially a huge variation and most proofreaders will work from there.


Okay, I need to back up here. I have reread the communication chain. She did not say she was going to proofread it. She said she was going to read it and then get back to me with her impressions. And her list of accolades goes on for a mile. She’s the real deal.

So sorry for wasting time, but thanks for information about the website and how it works. :slight_smile:

I see the “Word Count” in OO Writer, is 118,618. Less than I thought, but there are a lot of short chapters with lots of white space.

A while ago, I talked to someone who wanted 10c a word to proofread. She had never done it before, but felt that was fair price. :slight_smile:


I am talking from the position of being a professional proofreader although I am not offering it as a service on Fiverr except to a couple of regular clients of mine.

I just want to point out that if you tell me what accolades you would like to see, I could add those to my profile within 2-3 minutes. What I mean is that these accolades are not verified by Fiverr so from a buying perspective, I give them very little attention.

That is a very vague description, be sure to firm up exactly what you expect them to deliver or you could end up with a delivery that says “I read the book, I thought it was good”. I don’t mean to sound harsh or overly negative, I just know that proofreading and editing is a section which many “Get Rich Quick Gurus” promote as being easy money so there are a lot of dubious sellers in that area.

Ok, still at least 25-30 hours of work for a proofreader.


Can anyone see the conversations on the main website? If not, is there a “private message” service? I can send you her name, you can judge for yourself.

I was totally in sync with her opinions on various authors, so I know she would do good job. It just struck me strange she would abruptly stop messaging. Maybe one poster was right, time to pay.


There is a private message system but I would prefer not to get involved directly with a yes/no.
Proof of the pudding is in the eating though so perhaps start off with a smaller order, say the first chapter/10,000 words and get her impressions of that. If what she delivers is worth the money then go ahead with the larger order.

Remember, many Fiverr sellers are part time freelancers. There are plenty of reasons for someone to stop abruptly - I would not worry about it. If you liked the seller then wait for 24 hours for them to come back to you and suggest the idea of starting smaller. If they say yes, then order it immediately. Many of us get lots of inbox messages and those all count as time we could be spending doing paid work!