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Strange Email From Fiverrr

I got this strange email today through my company contact us email.
It is as follows:

I am writing to let you know that your fiverr account will be suspended for violation of our terms and conditions.

Please contact us to restore your account. I also ask you to leave us a 5 STAR review on TrustPilot

If I do not see a review within 24 hours, I will be leaving negative reviews for your business. Do not waste time and leave us a 5 star review.

Thanks for your cooperation.

You can reach me at|

Anyone else see anything like this?


It’s someone who tries to trash fiverr :slight_smile: Probably someone banned not able to let go.


It looks like you are not the only one receiving this. There are several people on Trustpilot all mentioning similar emails:


It is basically a form of PR hacking from someone with a vendetta against Fiverr. Just ignore it and you will be fine.


Yes, these emails are not from Fiverr and we are working internally on a solution. Please do not click on any link in them and please report any emails like this to support so we can track them.


This is clearly a scam.


Apparently even people who never heard of fiverr have gotten that.


Ignore this type of messages.

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This is very good to hear, while you can’t help with the ones that are not customers, it would be smart to send a mass email to your customers telling them about this scam, and to please disregard any requests for reviews on Trustpilot.


This could be a good idea. However, emails like the one in question usually target businesses not affiliated with Fiverr in any way. That you received this email via your company contact page suggests that you receiving this email and being a Fiverr user is a coincidence.

Typically, when businesses send out warnings/notifications like the one you suggest, they do so in response to hacks and other data breaches. Even though this isn’t the case here, this is how such an email might get interpreted by some people. That could cause panic and be worse for Fiverr than the current Trust Pilot situation.

All that said, if I was Fiverr, I’d turn thus situation to my favor by publicly announcing a bounty available to anyone who can identify the people responsible for the Trust Pilot email.

From reading some of the examples on Trust Pilot, I get the impression that emails are being written and sent my at least two different people. If I’m right, a bounty would be a good way to turn a team against itself. Then there is the fact that people who do things like this often like to take credit and blab to other people.

As I see it, bounty hunting the culprits would potentially catch them and generate some good Fiverr PR in the process. Maybe float that idea past the people at marketing @mjensen415 :wink:


Hello there i just this e-mail and i want to share with you( has send from this e-mail)
I feel so unsafe now, i use this e-mail for almost everything , its my name. What you recommend me to do?

My dear,

Thank you so much for your reply to my mail. My fiverr account was suspended because I shared my email with you. How is life over there? I hope you and your family are fine? I am fine over here in Libya. I hope we can establish a good relationship even as we are meeting for the first time.

I want to use this opportunity to tell you about myself. My name is Leilana Tupua-Rodriguez (Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, US Marines) , I am 30, a single mother. l am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I Graduated from Park Rose Senior High School, Portland Oregon. We are currently Stationed in Libya on a mission against Terrorism and Insurgency.

About me, I have a good heart. I am very sincere and down to earth. I have a loving heart and am a very respectful and kind Woman. I have lots of love to give, my religion is Christianity, Catholic. I do not judge others and am very compassionate. i love to appreciate the little things of life and am very respectful.

I have my reasons for contacting you as i have something very important to share with you in my next mail. I wish to start a very strong relationship with you and it will bring a lot of great changes in our lives. I want you to understand that a good relationship does not count distance and age. We can just move on as friends or go into business partnership with my funds which i need to invest with your urgent assistance.

May I ask what you do for a living to overcome economic expenses and to sustain your life and family? I know we are just knowing each other but we can share ideas and discuss about important and serious issues as we talk about ourselves. I like to think positively and I care about other peoples feelings.

I will be very happy to know more about you, like your hobbies, interest, life style, and religious belief. I will also love to see your pictures as I attached mine. Like I have said, I have a very important issue to share and discuss with you in my next mail so that you will give me advise and solution about it. Let me stop here for now, I expect an urgent

To break this down simply, this person is called Bob, he’s sitting somewhere in a dreary Internet cafe somewhere in country that is not America, and he wants to empty your bank account.

This is a standard scam email template with a few Fiverr references thrown in to catch your attention. Just ignore it and keep living your life.


Also, depending on your spam filter, report it for phishing and block the domain.

I just received the same email from this person but, I received at first she text on behance to talk about a project, i responded and she send me this mail. BTW thank you

Ignoring these kind of emails is the best solution. But if you are confused its good to confirm it like you did before getting into trap. Moreover do not contact Fiver support for this.

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