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Strange...Gigs ordered but I cant access them?

I have a customer who recently purchased gigs from me but they never showed in my in box…This has caused major confusion! How do I get access to these tickets to fill them? I finally found them by searching for his name in the “to do” section and this is what I found (attached) Please help I don’t like feeling like I am cheating ppl out of their money and I am sure it is vise versa.

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Do you have “Buyer Instructions”, which your buyers have to respond to by giving you some sort of information? If you do, and the buyer didn’t respond to that in any way, for example because you & buyer have already communicated about the order so you already know what buyer wants, then the orders stay as “New” (as shown in your screenshot) but not as “Priority” or “Active”. Ask your buyer to go to their order page and send you some sort of communication to activate the order.

If you don’t have buyer instructions, then the buyer might have some payment issue which causes a delay, such as using a credit card which wasn’t approved. I’ve not had that happen, so I’m not sure if Fiverr tries a non-approved credit card transaction a second time before cancelling an order, so you might want to ask buyer how he paid for the order.

If it’s neither of these, then I’m not sure what the problem is. Try doing a forum search to see if anyone else has had this problem, but not for these reasons. Or you can file a report with customer support.