Strange goings on with delivery time


Hey folks just want to pick a few people brains before I took this to customer support

I have a gig that i know for sure is set to 3 days delivery, yet on the gig page it shows 5 days anyone else had this?




You probably delivered each ‘finished product’ after 5 days, on average. So, the system will not decrease the duration time for the gig because you are delivering after 5 days.

Again, I may be wrong.

Do you deliver in less than 3 days?



Welcome back !

I always deliver on time never late. This is odd




Hmm… that’s odd, sheriff. :confused:

ozzieuk said: Princemaxx

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You can say your going to deliver a gig within 3 days but yet the system will make an estimated delivery time based on your previous deliveries, so if you have delivered 1000 orders in 5 days and then you change it to 3 days its going to base your estimated time on 5 days which is how you’ve delivered most of your orders. However now you’ve changed it to 3 you’ll still only have 3 in the countdown clock to deliver, just think of it this way your buyers will get a nice surprise when they order and see its only 3, good luck mate :slight_smile:


Ahh I changed it about a week ago from seven days ! Good answer ! Thanks for the heads up !