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Strange Goings on With Fiverr Be Warned


Hi everyone and happy 2014. We are getting reports on our twitter page, Fiverr Promotions, that people are going around Fiverr, ordering gigs and then cancelling them straight away, pretending they did not mean to order the gig. Now this is happening from a few sections of fiverr. We have received reports through Twitter, that people offering the same service are going to their competition, ordering the service and then cancelling all in the space of around three minutes, to increase their cancellation rates. This is not good and customer services need to sort this out.

Another thing that is happening, someone is going around and asking if they can buy your profile, so please be careful.

another report on twitter on our fiverr promotions page is, new fiverr members are visiting people and asking them lots of information on what they do, how they do it, etc. The reports are claiming that these people are trying to get the information so they can then set up the gig themselves.

The last report we have, is someone is going around and asking if they can do business off fiverr.

Just wanted to let you know the reports we are receiving so you can keep safe.


Thanks for the heads up!


Don’t expect any support from customer services - The buyer always comes first. Indeed if someone is blackmailing you for free services then the blackmailer always wins. That’s why I’ve deleted all of my 20 gigs and left fiverr! Best decision I’ve made of the New Year!


I have to say thus far, I am disappointed. There is no customer service. I purchased two gigs that are time sensitive. One cannot be started because it needs me to input requirements and there domes not appear to be anywhere to do that. One job supposedly has been delivered but again, it is nowhere to be accessed on this site. I have asked for help of the forum and contacted customer support and to no avail. Yes…it was only $15 total that I spent but so far I have nothing to show for it. I am going to blast fiver on every network I can find and tell of the people that I have already referred here, not to bother if we don;t get this sorted out soon. Not having a way to resolve problems is unacceptible.


in2town, I just sent you a PM. I want to feature you for an article that I write for a news site.




First, were are users just like you. At best we can only guess how to resolve issues based on what you reveal.

  1. You submit the requirements at the time of purchase.
  • Look for your purchase under the “Shopping” tab.
  • Until you submit, the order will hang in an “InComplete” status.
  • Have you contacted the Seller via the message system?

  1. Deliveries are found under the 'Shopping" tab.
  • Look for your delivery under the “Shopping” tab.

  1. Customer Support generally responds within 72 hours, often less.

    $15 or $150, you are entitled to get whatever it is that you purchased, but it is not 100% automatic. There are some things the Buyer needs to do to put the order in motion.

    Good luck.


Thank you for posting! I too have received the order and immediate cancellation–for a buyer that sells similar gigs.

Thankfully it was only once, and hopefully will not occur again.

If we all just follow the rules and work with integrity–success will follow!


Ditto for me, I received an order from a buyer immediately followed by a cancellation. I contacted customer service, and they basically said there’s nothing they can do (or will do) about it.


Reply to @kjblynx: I vote move it to the ranting pot. :slight_smile:


Reply to @oscarthedog: it was good speaking to you, look forward to seeing the article




People buy things and return them all the time. How many people buy a pair of jeans or shoes, take them home, try them on and return them? Or buy the wrong size by mistake? It happens in the real world and on Fiverr too. The Buyer doesn’t want it, or made a mistake. What can Fiverr do? What can you do?

You’ve only been here a month. If you stay and thrive you will have many purchases and cancellations, and you will be a better Seller for it.

Good luck!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: This “buyer” was a Fiverr seller, and did not “return” my order. He cancelled the order immediately after ordering. Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck to you too. :slight_smile:


Reply to @in2town: Thanks for getting back to me. The article will be great. I’ll even plug your service a bit. :slight_smile:


Reply to @oscarthedog: cheers.


@oscarthedog I’m reading everything I can about Fiverr, and would enjoy reading your article when it’s published. Perhaps you can post directions to the article’s website when it’s available? :slight_smile:


I am having problems getting to provide my seller with info. The dialogue box will not allow me to submit my info. When entered the submit box goes grey, but the info never shows in the dialogue box. Very frustrating.

emmeross said: Reply to @voiceoverwork: This "buyer" was a Fiverr seller, and did not "return" my order. He cancelled the order immediately after ordering. Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck to you too.

Your splitting hairs, and missing the mark. It doesn't matter if the Buyer is also a Seller. In your instance the Buyer was a Buyer, made a purchase and cancelled. And you want Fiverr to do something about it. What do you expect them to do?

I'm sorry you had a cancellation, however cancelled orders (like my returns in a store metaphor) are part and parcel of the Fiverr life.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: You are reading way too much into my reply. I am simply sharing my experience with a cancellation by a seller on a thread about cancellations. I don’t want Fiverr to “do something about it.” I’m simply sharing my experience on the Fiverr sellers forum. Thank you for your attention, and good luck to you. :slight_smile:



I misunderstood your comment about you contacting support over a canceled order and "they basically said there’s nothing they can do (or will do) about it."

I wrongly thought you were looking for resolution. Please accept my apology.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Apology accepted - no worries! :slight_smile: