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Strange is happening on Fiveer

Hello Every one,

i am confused about what is happening. I got the level 1 in the last week . Before level one i was getting orders easily but i did not receive any order for about 3 days. i dnt know what is wrong . level 1 is a bad level or what ?

Need your advice nd suggestions …

This is the effected GIG

As others have said, it can take some time for the level to register. It’s also possible that no longer being ‘featured’ as a “New Seller” will affect your placement on the site.

New sellers and TRS’s get a good bit of visibility on the site - there’s a huge amount of competition from all the 1 & 2 level sellers. Tweak your gigs, promote off of Fiverr and be patient.

It may take some time for fiverr to actually register you are a level 1 seller and is still converting where you are placed when someone searches your niche on fiverr.

just 3 days? when TRS are complaining of very poor sales this month!

Reply to @wegotshoutouts: Yeah Thanks . You are right as my GIG Views also dropped to zero .

Reply to @inspiredtony: May be I have joined the fiveer that is why all of the fiveer family is facing this issue .

I have a problem where ever I go something happens … … .


Reply to @mohsin05: nah i don’t think so…LOL but if you are the Jonah in our fiverr boat then we have to offload you for the whale to keep you in its belly for 3 days… just joking anyway…

Reply to @inspiredtony: LOL . Good joke Tony.

I always pray for all of my family and friends . Here on fiveer I have another family .So God bless you and every one on the fiveers boat :slight_smile:

A lot of people experience this so calm down.