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Strange is happening on Fiveer

Hello Every one,

i am confused about what is happening. I got the level 1 in the last week . Before level one i was getting orders easily but i did not receive any order for about 7 days. i dnt know what is wrong . level 1 is a bad level or what ?

AND my views are also dropped to 0.

I changes the title of my GIG and it goes to worst

Please check my GIG to find the what is making it the worst.

This is the effected GIG

This is the nature of the beast. It’s normal. It’s how Fiverr works. You are not guaranteed sales by being a seller on Fiverr. Take the initiative and promote your gigs OFF of Fiverr. If people like the services you offer, they will buy from you. Most of all, though… be patient. Lots, and lots of patience.