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Strange is happening


I have created the gig related to motion graphics and publish the gig it was visible in the new tab of the catagory animation --> intro. then i finished another gig after 2 hours . I published that too but after publishing that gig the previous one disappear from the new gigs tab and the new one was there .

Kindly tell me what is going on. What crime I am committing. I am giving my all to prepare the gig and it disappear from the pages.

I will be waiting for the kind words .

I have not had experience releasing 2 new gigs that were similar at the same time. It would make sense that they would want to give equal opportunity to several new gigs and not let you hog the new category? I have always focused on 1 gig at a time. My focus has been distracted if I have too many at 1 time.

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