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Strange message in my inbox



I have just joined here and in a matter of hours I have received a message from someone from ********** sending me a text file with ■■■■■ and hangouts contact info and saying that he/she will only contact me through there…

What do I make of it? It somehow smells like spam… should I report it or is it a standard procedure here?


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Flag that guy and go ahead


ok. Will do so. Thanks


I’d first reply briefly, Just say “No, thanks” or whatever, and then report it. In theory, flagging should make a response superfluous but it seems to be buggy sometimes and it’s not nice to have your rating drop because of spam like that.


Report them for TOS violation looks like a scam to me.



My account has been suspended, I have just received a message from some admin…

wow, really cool. I will delete my account here. I don’t need this


What?? did you replay or contact the “buyer”?


What kind of message? There are “false positives”, words like “sk y pe”, “pay” etc. trigger some algorithm and messages containing such words will be then manually reviewed. If it was something like that, they’ll see if you agreed to skyping or whatever that’s against the ToS or not, and if not, your message will be approved and it shouldn’t be a problem. Happens to many of us, nothing much to worry about.


I only reported the sender. That is all. I opened its profile and there I found report button. I selected the option about sending spam messages, and that’s all

and now I get the message from system that my account is temporarily on hold. wow… How silly is this? If I am contributing to a safer environment by reporting fakes, why am I getting punished?

Anyway, from the very first moment I get negative things here.

I will just delete this account. Thanks for help and good luck


Well, good luck elsewhere then.


and here it is, another one.

What is going on here??


Discuss the ‘One Thing’ with this buyer, this doesn’t seem to be a spam (yet).
And I highly suggest not to put in buyers’ usernames.


Hello, your account is still here, it’s not suspended. These do not seem to be spam. Just reply with “hello” and see what they say next.

The one from China with the text file does seem to be spam.

As a new seller with a new account this seems to be part of the initiation most go through.


Here is the One Thing:


this site truly sucks on so many levels.


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Like @misscrystal said. Say hello to see what they want. But, in many cases they will ask you for Upwork account. Japan and China can’t register on Upwork so they ask to create Upwork account for them with your information. I do not recommend that at all. Just mark as spam and block.


@stefanmdesigns his account on fiverr is gone.


Doesn’t matter, my comment is notice and advice for sellers.


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