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Strange message

I’m not sure if this was a poor attempt at a scam but I recently had a buyer ask me to message them outside of Fiverr on their personal email. That was odd enough but they also insisted they were from the U.S. while having pretty poor english skills and their profile stating otherwise. Anyone run across anything like this?

If you search the forum, you will see a lot of people talking about it.


Yes, I have. :neutral_face: But that buyer isn’t on Fiverr anymore. I was so excited since it was the first message that I’ve received. :expressionless:

Don’t worry - there’ll be plenty more buyers in the future I’m sure! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t really a buyer, just a spammer.


Yes lately a lot of buyers are sending their email or even address for some reason.

It’s always alarming when they do it but I’m getting used to it and if they are a buyer I just ignore it.

If they are not sending spam then it’s probably that they don’t know how fiverr works.

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Just tell them you as a fiverr seller not allowed to communicate outside than here. Most of the buyers are not aware of the rules here like what misscrystal mentioned above. If they are genuine buyers, they will understand. That’s what I did and many are OK with that.

I stated if they had something to ask to feel free to ask here using the inbox function. No response lol.

As claimed that buyers don’t know the rules, I beg to differ… When you try to type your email on fiverr, this is what happens…

So when you see a so called buyer trying to put fgfgdfgfdf (at) whatever dot com. Run like crazy

Uh yeah don’t give it to them lol.

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I had a buyer this morning get upset with me because I wouldn’t skype or email because of policies. He told me other designers are willing to break the rules and I should be accommodating - like nah I’m good, I’m not tryna get banned lol.

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