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Strange Msg Sent To Me With Offsite Email Address Included

I have a question and I could not find a Question forum. I received a message from someone who included his offsite email address and wants me to contact him through it. I don’t intend to respond because:

  1. The sentence composition is off and doesn’t quite make sense.
  2. It is against Fiverr TOS to communicate offsite.
  3. I feel uncomfortable with the communication, period.

I don’t see any way to delete this msg. I do see that I can report it or mark it as spam. This person seems to have been on Fiverr since 11/2017 and has no gigs himself.

If I mark it as spam will that remove it from my inbox? Do you think I should assume the person is intentionally breaking Fiverr rules and report him?

Thanks for your opinion,

Your response rate is important, even against spammers.

Politely tell the person you aren’t interested, then immediately report the message for spam and delete it from your inbox. As long as you have replied once, even if you never reply again it won’t be counted against you.


That’s what I was wondering, about my response rate. I forgot that every msg sent to us has that timer on it, asking us to repond in 24 hrs I think it is. Thanks so much. I’ll do that!

I’ll say “I cannot accept your offer. Have a nice day.”

I don’t want to say Thank You But I Can’t or I Am Sorry That I Can’t because he might contact me again.

Marking the message as spam will directly count towards it being answered, so it won’t have any negative effect on your response rate. On top of that, marking the message as spam will also report it, so that this person probably won’t be on fiverr for long anymore.


Ok, so how is reporting different than marking as spam? Thanks

Not everyone directly spams you who needs to be reported. I’ve been asked to do stuff on cam that I would never in my life do (also I wouldn’t know what to charge for that :D) and I reported it to customer support in a ticket, but with messages like the one you received, I would just mark it as spam, so that I wouldn’t need to answer. It won’t just disappear out of your inbox, but if you go to the conversation, in the upper right corner above the client information, you will find a gray “…” Actions symbol. If you click on that, you can either archive or delete the message.


Ok. Thanks so much for your clarification.:bouquet: I did leave that simple msg that I noted above, because I don’t know what that person’s intention was. He could have just been ignorant. I see though that when I compose a msg and so much as type the word email a red warning pops about including unacceptable info in the msg. Surely he got that msg too, and still overrode that to send me his email?

Anyway, I reported it as spam, and I was shown this msg:

___________can no longer contact you. If you wish to send a message, you will need to unblock ________. This will not affect your response rate.

I also saw the actions menu as you stated where I can delete the msg.