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Strange Order request in my mail

I have a strange order request in my mail, it seems to be scam let me paste content of that mail here

Hi (myname),
Good day! I’m communicating you from hospital as a ill widow with no pope for Survival, now i have decide to invest my inherited fund in setting up Orphanage Home to Help the Orphanages Children and Less- privileges,etc. Get back to me fast for more details and convenient discussion direct to my private mail at **************.

I am very new here and never received any order yet so I am not sure how it works.

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Reply something like “Sorry, I can’t help with this.” to keep your response rate up, and then push the Spam button, of course it’s a scam.

Or you could reply that they should mail the pope instead, as he surely knows someone who can help them get their inherited fund to that orphanage.

Fingers crossed that you’ll get an actual order soon, all that spam is really boring.

And welcome to the forum - although, are you sure you’re very new here? The forum says your last post was 2 years ago :upside_down_face:


Don’t bother to answer. Just report it as spam.

Thanks for advise, that was only in email and cannot see that in my orders list, so I cannot report.

Yes new mean I don’t understand how things work here, I am trying to get orders since long, created gigs many times and never received order that what I mean new.

An absolute and utterly obvious scam.

Why ever would a “dying widow” contact a complete and utter stranger from a freelancer website to assist her in establishing an orphanage? One wouldn’t.

It’ll likely devolve into a request to forward some money in order for the inherited fund to be released or some other BS. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it turned into a request for gift card numbers…

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Ah, I see, if it only was in your mail, just ignore it. Or, I guess, you could report the mail to your mail provider, perhaps they’ll block that person’s account then (although that probably won’t do much, as it’s (maybe a bit too) easy to get new mail addresses, but you never know.
If you have enough time and want to bother, you could also see if there is some cyber scam authority to report it to, they could perhaps do something more effective by getting that person’s IP.

Perhaps take a look at the topics in the “Seller Tips” category for some good ideas that might help with getting orders. Good luck!

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Quick English lesson!

Actually ‘new’ means you’ve not been on the site very long. If you’re looking for a word for ‘not understanding or knowing about something’, then a more accurate word for that is ‘uninformed’ (or ‘unknowing’).