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Strange Rules of Fiverr

I made an offer of $5 for 1 banner as you can see on the screenshot and the buyer asked for 4 at the price of 1. I told the same to the buyer and did 2 banners. But at the end buyer left 1-star rating and bad feedback for not doing “$20” job for “$5”.

I requested at Fiverr customer care about the issue, but to them buyer’s are everything, they can cheat, fraud, leave bad feedback without reason. They wrote a copy-paste message saying …

“When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.”

My question to all of you that is it still important to take “buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously” - when it’s clear that the buyer tried to fraud by asking 4 at the price of 1?

Why did you start working on the order if you/buyer did not agreed on the terms first place? :grinning:

If I were you I’ll cancel immediately


You clearly didn’t stand up for yourself. Your offer was for one banner for the unrealistically low price of $5 (meaning, you’re already dealing with a cheap buyer). Yet, you gave in to this cheap buyer, and gave him two banners – TWICE the work you offered. This likely gave the buyer the idea that you were able to provide four banners, but you were “stubborn”, and chose to only give him two.

You failed to stand strong against a cheap demanding buyer, and he called you out for partially agreeing to what he wanted. In that light, his review was warranted, and Fiverr supported the fair review that the buyer chose to leave.

You NEED to stand strong against cheap buyers like this. Raise your prices, and be willing to say no to buyers like that will try to take advantage of you.


Totally Agree. Never accept any order if the demands and expectations are not cleared.

See buyer is everything and always right, this is unsaid rule of fiverr. Either you find a way out of this or find another platform for your gig.


There is a difference between India and USA, $5 here can get a decent quality of lunch at a decent quality of restaurant so what may be considered as trash for one is precious for another.

Also he clearly mentioned “As discussed, 1 banner, Thank you!” in order details so the buyer already knew that he will get one banner so if the buyer was not agreed for that offer then why the hell he accepted the order at first place?

Now the seller did best from his side and gave two banners, as suggested by Fiverr(Over deliver). But what he got in return, a bad rating and feedback.

Also CS has a responsibility of taking care of affairs where buyer or seller is getting cheated, which in this case is seller so they should interfere and give justice but they stick to a very depressing policy of taking buyer side.

This is utter level of cheapness, at both buyer and CS end.

Seller is right here completely.


Also buyer’s entire feedback is wrong, this feedback states that order took one week time but we can clearly see that the order was placed on 9th September and you can see the feedback was given on seller’s wall 22 hours ago that means he delivered it on may be 10th or 11th, that means in 2 days.



Exactly, this buyer seems like a regular abuser of Fiverr’s crippled system.

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You absolutely shouldn’t “overdeliver” in a situation like this. This buyer obviously got the impression that he can get a lot done for $5, he got it from someone he’s used before and you just reinforced this belief in him by providing twice the amount that was initially agreed upon. Now he’ll go torture someone else with his unrealistic demands and this cycle will never end.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling $5 services if it’s a quick job, btw. But don’t give them more than they paid for and expect to be appreciated for your efforts. Definitely not for $5.

PS Also, don’t ask for tips. Tips are optional and when you have to ask for them, you’re definitely not getting them.


If the buyer can lie about delivery timing, order quantity then why not about Tips, I suspect that buyer is serial offender.

100%. But he developed this attitude because despite his behaviour people still agree to work with him and provide more work that was initially agreed upon.

Fiverr can ban a buyer but they’ll just create a new account and go right back into it. So unfortunately it’s our job as sellers to weed these individuals out. CS won’t help with that.


Totally agreed, even after showing all proofs, Fiverr CS never shows any interest of removing the feedback.

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Good catch :ok_hand: It was delivered in less than 48hrs.

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I feel you bro, I can understand how painful is this.

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The best thing you can do is explain your side of the story in feedback you get to give the buyer. :wink:


Thanks, I’m working here since 2013 and completed aprox 3500+ orders, but this kind of situations are really annoying.

I have not described anything as “trash”. Please do not try to twist my words to mean something that I did not say.

And yet, he agreed to design two banners, instead of the the one in the order. My previous comments still stand.

It is not Fiverr’s job to police buyer reviews. The buyer was allowed to post the review that he did, and it was clearly in response to the seller’s actions (which I have clearly noted in my previous comment). I’m sorry to hear that the seller is not happy with the review, however, it is a review that he earned. The seller should have stood up for the terms of the agreed-upon order, and not provided extra work for free. Sellers do not deserve positive reviews – they earn them.

No, he isn’t. But I respect your differing opinion.

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This is how it is… nothing to do
We can be more careful while starting the job, if we are not confident enough then we shouldnt take it… (i know cancellation of an order have negative effect BUT it is recovered after 60 days) but one negative feedback is enough to destroy your profile!

I have always been doing this… this impresses the client as well and many of them offered me works too… JUST FOR THE HONESTY AND NOT WASTING THEIR TIME

So i would suggest all fiverr sellers not to start job and cancel immediately if they order without your knowledge :smiley:


Before saying it, just check sir, you’re also offering T-Shirt designing at a cheap price of $5 as well :grinning:

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Yes, and I haven’t sold anything from that gig in years (you’ll notice that that gig only has 5 reviews, and none within the past 60 days). It is presently a filler gig, and is awaiting a full upgrade. Please don’t make assumptions without investigating the facts.

My comments about cheap buyers remain. A professional will charge what he/she is worth, and if he/she is having problems with the cheap $5 buyers expecting more than they pay for, they can raise their prices, and avoid working with those buyers. The cheap buyers rarely make any purchases above $10.

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