Strange score reviews for strange services


Hello everyone, i have some questions and I hope someone could help me.

I find a seller who offer strange services, like mental improvement by telepathic, erase memory of someone, read someone minds and stuffs like that.

Well OK for me then, but what i really do not understand is the reviews this seller have.

This seller have 542 reviews so far and only 2 bad reviews, and 540 five star review.


Really, nobody has problems with this seller??? This seller really read someone girlfriend’s mind and check if this person cheat him with 100% accuracy and no one question that?

OK, what i really want to know is there any way to hack this reviews of fiverr because I believe this person is doing it.

Thank you


Just because you don’t think the reviews are genuine doesn’t mean they aren’t. What makes you think they’re not genuine?

Some reviews can be faked on Fiverr, but it would be very unlikely for somebody to get 540 5 star reviews with them all being faked - more likely they’ve got regular clients for whom they do excellent work. If this isn’t the case, Fiverr would have been on their case before this.

Hope this helps!


Thank for your reply.

Well using the logic, if you offer to read someone’s mind and 120 reviews give you five star, you are god or you are bugging the review’s system.

That is the conclusion I came to.

Anyway, maybe for $5 I will try this seller service to check the authenticity, see what my boss thinking :blush:


There are many different individuals who believe in different things. I don’t think it’s fair to assume 500 ratings as fake though if it’s something that doesn’t speak to you, you don’t have to purchase from them.

I’de love to hear your experience using them though :wink:


Give the seller, the benefit of the doubt. Place a $5 order and see for yourself. I highly doubt the reviews are a sham. Perhaps the seller is really good at his/her craft.


I agree with you, but if you check the statistic, even among telepathy believers, people want to have the job done and I think its impossible for this seller read hundreds of mind around the world and precisely make 99% of sellers happy with it.


Okay - you’ve got 2 choices - as @nikavoice suggested, spend $5 and see for yourself, or don’t spend $5 and never find out. :smiley:


Perhaps that’s what everyone else has done? :grinning:


Agree, but all of then review 5 star…

or is fake reviews
or seller can really read peoples minds precisely :confused:


I’m scared! :worried:


I believe people can do things inexplicable.

But come here to fiverr and sell it for $5, this is suspicious


You can try his/her service. Before you issue an order for your security , don’t forget to write down your password of your important stuffs in a notbook. if these 500+ reviews are true you will be in danger :smiley:


haha… yeah if these reviews are true… Probaply is evil stuff :smiling_imp:


Simple answer is, the seller reads your mind and knows you want to give a lower rating, so they hack your brain and force you to give them five stars + tips.


Makes sense… Is this allowed?

I think Fiverr moderators should take a look on it


:confused: Which part? The reading or hacking your mind part?


The hacking one…

Think about it… if you offer a bad service as a seller and “hire” her to hack peoples mind to buy your service and give 5 star review, this is unfair…


I think this is getting a bit silly now to be honest.

Are you saying all sellers with good reviews should be looked at because they can’t possibly be right, or just the ones you’ve described? I really don’t think there are mind games being played with buyer reviews.


No no, my original question was.

Is possible to spam 5 star reviews here on Fiverr, they have a good algorithm that prevent fakes spam 5 star reviews?

I’m new here and looking for some services and find out this psychic strange services with good reputation and now I wonder if this reputation system is reliable because if I want to hire an illustrator I need to know if the reputation proceed