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Strange spam message?

Hi! I don’t know if it’s the right section, but I’m new there. I still haven’t received any messages from buyers. Today I received a message reported as spam where there is this a people that say he is from China and into the description he wrote that he was from France. He had something important to discuss with me and invite me to clic on a strange link…but I don’t clic on it °-°
has ever happened to you?
It’s normal? D=


Yes. This is normal.

it is our long lost relative who wants to share his millions of dollars with us, but we are not comfortable with that scenario, so we all report him and ignore him.

Also, he changes names from time to time, skin color, nationality, and sex.


Seriously? How sad these people… Now He called himself semiahmostefan from China, but from France with a basic english ahahhah What can I do? Delete the message and stop?

Reply first so your respond rate doesn’t drop, tell him thank you but you have golden bars or something and then report and then block. That order.


stay with fiverr. hope, you will get order soon.