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Strange thing happen after I reach Level1 seller

Hello everyone
I have an order every 1-2 day but after I reach Level 1 seller
I dont have a single order after that
It happen 2 week ago
Am I miss any thing ?

Thank you


Boost your gig. Send 10 buyer request everyday.

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I have read quite a few posts about this and sellers calling it the “Level 1 slump.” I am not sure how true this “phenomenon” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is, though.

Apparently (at least from what I understood from those posts), it is because Fiverr doesn’t offer level 1 sellers the same exposure they were offering when the seller was in the “new seller” stage.

That might have something to do about it. Have your gig impressions seen any decrease at all (after reaching level 1)? Or have they been the same (if not higher)?

Fiverr shuffle gigs everyday, so what is in front page today might not be there after few weeks or months, then they test which gig(not buyer) brings them more profit as the new listing on front-page or the previous one.

Those who keep bringing more profits continuously day by day despite their location on listing will be given more preferences and higher position and longer time on first page and search results.

Do not be disappointed
Business is high. It’s down
The nature of those business
So be patient
You will get orders again

Try to contack fiverr customer care, they will help you to solve your problam. You have to contact customer care because anything that related with jobs and outher think only customer care could solve the problem.
Good luck.

thank you for all of your answer
I will keep doing work well
we 're fiverr house friend :slight_smile: