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Strange things happening

Hey guys,

A buyer contacted me a few days ago about his project and explained to me about his budget limitation for the project. I agreed to help. I found it really hard understanding what the buyer wants since the buyer was struggling with English, eventually, I was able to fix things according.

After I had finished working on the project with all the revisions fixed, here’s what I get:

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And he sends a threatening message:

I wouldn’t worry.

Looks like a scammer. Contact CS first with the screen shots and don’t reply to anymore messages


They have nothing to do other than giving you a negative review. Since they are clearly trying to get away with free work (as per your post, they requested revisions and you completed your work). It is best to take this to customer support, show them all what you have, prove to them that you completed the work and the buyer is threatening you especially after you completed the work.


I just did that now, apparently he wants to have the work for free. I have fixed all the revisions, he does not have any further request again.

Just let CS deal with and don’t worry about it.

Okay, I will wait for their response.

He just sent this now:

ok, if you not accept disput, than I go to support center

Don’t panic, ignore them and wait for CS to get back to you.

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Okay, I am waiting for CS response.


It looks like this buyer has been doing this for long, he keeps sending treating messages:


Buyers can not threaten sellers and this behaviour is sanctionable, on the other hand you should hide the name of the buyer in all the screenshots as this is against Forum’s rules.

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I did hide the buyer’s name

It’s clearly visible on top of the page.

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You’ve hidden the name yes, but only the one next to their profile picture, but with the cancellation requests and the rest of messages, you seem to have forgotten to hide it

To be honest, I’d just cancel and never work with anyone again who can’t communicate clearly.

I don’t really trust CS to be able to handle matters like this. Almost all of the cancellation requests which I have fought have also ended in chargebacks at a later date. There is also the fact that this buyer seems to be a seasoned scammer. They may well be able to follow through with their threat, thanks to CS agents they communicate with not being the same agents who handle your counter complaint.

Obviously, I would hope that this will not be the case. However, I went through a long period of absolutely refusing to cancel orders for any reason. In the end, doing so turned out to be counterproductive. I never got the money, I got bad reviews, and my stress levels went through the roof.


Are you recommending I cancel this project? This project was about 62 pages, that had about 5 hours of my time. I can understand your point of view, I am quite confused if to cancel or keep dragging the matter.

You got 2 diff advice, totally diff in opinion. In my case, I have never had a situation where a buyer won over me and got away with a free work, especially after I proved to CS that I did the work. You’re most likely going to end up with a negative review, and probably a charge back. But that doesn’t mean that you do not have a chance that a charge back won’t happen. I’d fight for this and not cancel the order.


So sorry to hear this has happened to you. Hearing people being scammed and threatened like this makes me want to leave Fiverr.

Fiverr should make buyers’ profiles visible and give you the option to block low rated buyers / buyers with a high cancellation rate.

I did, but that is only my opinion. If you have already contacted CS, you should wait for their response.

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I wouldn’t cancel if I were you. You did the work, you deserve to get paid. Don’t let him freak you out. I was dealing with someone like this a couple days ago. He kept wanting to cancel and I kept denying him. It might go on for a little while, but at the end of the day you should get the money you worked for.