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Strange Things On My Profile

Hi, this is my first post on the forum so hello again to all. :slight_smile:

Something strange start happening to my account. I am a seller level 2 and from the beginning of the promotion, I was able to promote two of my gigs. A couple of days ago I’ve got a message that I cant to do the promotion anymore and I will be informed once my gigs can promote again. My gigs have all requirements for promotion as my profile so why?

And another thing, I usually get around let’s say 5-7 messages every single day, in the last day’s none! Not a single buyer, I leave it for two days and check my gigs performance, and I saw that ALL of my gigs are dropped like a lot when it comes to reaching and clicks. All gigs start on Jun 5th and Jun 6th.

Does anybody know what is happening?


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