I just got an order on one of my gigs and as soon as the buyer saw the ‘seller’s instructions’ mentioned ‘please send over your login details’ he send this

Hey… I was uncomfortable giving out login info… so… just mark the gig as done and you get five bucks!

I marked it completed and he dropped positive feedback. Wow, generosity or possible trick?


While I guess he didn’t promise “Positive Feedback”… that really was something.

I might reach out and say. Look, I don’t have any need to be unduely enriched by $5 for “free”; however, you’ve done way more than $5 in damage by leaving negative feedback. How about you agree to remove that and I’ll see to having your $5 returned to you by Fiverr Customer Service.

Get it off.

anarchofighter said: Get it off.

I don't understand :P read my thread. I said he dropped positive feedback.


Sorry, I was the word “Dropped” that confused me.

No trick. This happens often. People realize they’ve come to your house. You were an honest broker. They didn’t like the rules. Left after paying.


Lucky you!