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Stranger Payment Issue Help Needed


I recently paid for an order but something very strange happened. I paid for the gig by adding it to my cart and then purchasing it via my Visa card. All seems ok and I received Fiverr Payment receipt email and also SMS and email from my Bank that $5.5 transaction has taken place via my card.

The problem is that the gig I paid for is not reflected in my Orders page at all. This is the 2nd order I place on the same gig and the only order present on that page is for the 1st order which I made months ago.

I was also not presented with the gig page after payment where I provide information to the seller to begin the work.

I have already submitted a ticket via Fiverr Support but have no idea what is going on. Can anyone here shed some light on this matter?

Try using the above link.

Thanks @ mrproofreading Bu I still get nothing from the above link:















Try rebooting your computer. Clear you disk cache, log out, shut down, and restart your computer and then log back in again. This happened to me once, I was not brought to the page where I could give the seller instructions but the money had come out of my account. AFter I refreshed everything my order was there, along with a to-do notification. Just a though to try if you have not done so already.

Thanks sincere18 but I already tried it and nothing is there. I even sent the seller a message asking if he got my order and he said no.

I am quite upset right now because of this.

Contact customer support and hope for the best. Good luck!

I have got a response from the support stating only that they are looking someone from the appropriate department to look into this. I just hope they don’t take too long.

Reply to @the1kashm41: The internet and cyber world is not perfect. Errors do happen as much as we would like to think it’s perfect simply because it’s a computer. Sure sometimes people get hacked, that happens, but I would not get too upset about it yet. I am sure they will look into it.

I know you said you got an email from your bank about the purchase, did you check your bank/credit card statement online to confirm it did go through?

Fiverr will look into it, because they do not want you to do a dispute with your credit card/bank company, it may just take some time.

Reply to @sincere18: Fiverr told me that the payment didn’t went through. Despite the payment confirmation from the Bank and Fiverr, the Payment was not showing in my bank statement. Fiverr support is very responsive. Thank you everyone on this forum as well.

Reply to @the1kashm41: Thanks for the update.

Have you re-ordered from the seller?

Keep an eye on your bank statement to make sure the charge doesn’t eventually show up. As @sincere18 says, mistakes happen, but I’d be wary that something must have been processed to trigger both confirmations.