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Strangest Interaction in the History of Fiverr

This isn’t so much a rant as it is a reflection of the Fiverr community as I see it. Yesterday was the 4th of July here in the U.S., so I wasn’t really at “work” here on Fiverr, yet I still received the following message from a Fiverr user I’ve never talked to, helped, or even “seen” before. This is how it starts:

[User] FATSO!

[Me] I’m sorry?

[USER] Fatty Fat Fat!



[Me] I don’t know you, or why you’re contacting me, but I’m reporting this to Fiverr support and blocking you.

[USER] hahhahaha fat sh*t

That was just one more great interaction on Fiverr. Nothing like an out of the blue message from an adoring fan. I thought UK people were much more well-behaved. I expect this from my fellow Americans, but bad form, UK, bad form. (This is a jest)

I reported it, but who knows if something will actually be done. LOL Customer Service.

Looks like you’ve experienced some fat bashing. This is what we get after the government wages war on obesity, now many people think they can ridicule those of us who don’t look like Abercrombie models.

If he’s from the UK, then it’s simply the usual European vs. American rivalries, a lot of Europeans like to make fun of Americans for being fat, it makes them feel good about themselves. I would pity him.

I’m from Europe and I saw many people being called ‘fat’ or worse even by their relatives. One of my friends which I used to hang out a lot with was always down and had really low self-esteem, once she confessed to me that she’s being called really rudely by her own parents. I experienced these kind of behavior twice, but we have to remember that there are more and less civilized people out there who think they are anonymous on the internet (not true), and they want to make themselves feel better.

Wow, I am speechless! I am very sorry! This idiot was obviously having a very boring day!
Glad you reported it!!

Why respond at all to such a stupid message?

Send him your pre typed generic “I am not available to respond to you right now” message.

Looks like somebody got very drunk and very bored.

Why Respond? Because we have to or our “Response Rating” will go down… isn’t it a lovely new feature =D

Wow, they have some time on their hands.

I think fiverr could use some rearrangement in their features. If someone sends hate messages to other person, you cannot simply not answer, as your response rating goes down. I’m slowly getting disappointed with this site and I even didn’t start selling.

Do not take it personal levinewman. Glad you reported it. That being said, Fiverr has a lot of good people, both buyers and sellers, who mind their manners. I do hope that you meet many throughout your experience.