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strangest requests you've gotten unrelated to the gig you advertise?


I just got my second strange request that had nothing to do with the service my gig advertises.

I’m still new, so I was very tempted to take the offer because… I need sales and ratings to level up…

buuuuut… I’m pretty sure this person was using google translate to communicate with me. Or not a native English writer at the very least. I guess what they wanted wasn’t as strange as there were aspects of what they wanted that I couldn’t perfectly understand. I can’t take a gig if I don’t understand the buyers needs thoroughly. Even if its nothing to do with what I’m selling, I’ll take a sale if I feel confident that I can do an excellent job.

Anyways, I’m sure there are plenty of interesting stories from sellers out there about getting asked to do things unrelated to your gig, maybe they were kinda strange too? Please do tell. It would be good for me to get an idea of what I can expect here.

The first message I ever got here was someone wanting me to make them an upwork profile, hahaha.


I got several messages from someone who wanted me to let them remotely take over my computer to make a profile on Upwork, since they got banned from it.


That’s pretty interesting, could be just coincidence, the queue of whoever got your ticket being low, or could mean someone does a quick check on incoming tickets to either prioritise or push them in the ‘has time’ queue, or they have software checking for trigger words there too. I never quite believed in the ‘in incoming order’. :slight_smile:

My most out of the ordinary one was someone asking me to make a phone call to some train stations to ask whether they found something they thought they might have lost there. Well, not quite, but I don’t want to write of the most out of the ordinary one. :wink:


I did write in the subject line something about warts so it could be that, maybe. :slight_smile:

I hope they took my word for it and didn’t go check for themselves. One traumatised person is enough.


Well, I suppose they have to check. I’ve never thought of that but I want to take this moment to thank all CS gals and guys for doing their duty even facing unspeakable things.


Do you know what’s fiverr’s policy on full nudity, btw?

OT, sorry.


Unfortunately I can’t tell you, I’ve trashed a gig myself because there seemed to be no clear policy. You can find a few topics on the forum that might give you a vague idea if you search but nothing clear and if you ask CS, it would seem like with other things, the answer will depend on whom you ask.


i have a gig where i will illustrate “Anything” … so far no really strange requests, like rude or inapropriate etc but no nothing, although one of my first jobs was drawing a set of flying unicorn pugs!! not that weird but it was an absolute belting project to work on.


No it’s not permitted due to this being a site that accepts sellers as young as 13.


many customers hope me to help dropshipping, of course, no problems, we also help customers to find a good supplier in china. in the meantime, we also help to upload video on China Biggest Video Platforms - Youku, help their promote china market


You should get some kind of honorable mention for using that word on the forum. :1st_place_medal: I know in your country it probably is just another word of course but here, not as much. Also for using it to customer support.


It’s a medical/biological term they use in textbooks for six graders, no? The p-word. :slight_smile:


I understand but probably not in U.S. books for children, although I may be wrong. We are still puritanical in many ways. I just had some guy send me repeated messages using that word. So this makes two days in a row for it.


Is “m*****” also a problem or does it get a pass due to its multi-functionality? It is seriously fascinating to me.


I don’t know. I don’t have a problem with any word but I’m not sure what the site considers improper. I don’t know if they use our puritan standards or not. I know it varies a lot by culture and country.

I did report the one who kept using that word in messages to me that were not even about any of my gigs. It’s a business, professional site so that probably means not using some words for some body parts. There are several words for parts but I don’t think it would be professional for me to list them here.


Based on buyer requests, it does seem to be somewhat controlled. Considering it was a single occasion and anything even remotely erotic gets very rarely requested.

I’ll edit this one out then not to offend any sensibilities. :slight_smile: Although I’m pretty sure if I an receive one on here, I can name it for what it was.


I found it refreshing to see it but it’s probably going to get flagged eventually if you leave it.


Yesterday a buyer complained to me that he could not hire me because my voice was too quiet on the video I uploaded to my gig. I should note that no other buyer has ever had an issue with that, and I checked the videos myself. He also said he needed to hear my voice before deciding whether to hire me - I should point out, I am a writer, not a voiceover artist…


I got the same request - to do a V/O on my translation gig. Weird


we should send request to 10 buyers request as a new seller

But you are not liable to accept any order that you are not pretty sure to make it done

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