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Strangest thing

So the weirdest thing has been happening to me the past few months.

I’ve been trying to find a gig to buy that will provide me with a good quality intro video for my gigs, and every time that I have been searching (3-5 times now), within a few minutes of me searching, I get a message from a new client. Keep searching and I get a SECOND message from a different new client!

It is so weird. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s not like my gig has been featured for the week or something as it’s happened over 2-3 months.

Correlation between actively searching for a gig to buy and getting new order requests…?

I’ll take it and keep doing it!


I have long since stopped trying to make sense of what witchcraft Fiverr uses to manage seller search visibility. I may experiment with this at some point, though.


So that is the mystery of the Fiverr algorithm! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I was searching gigs and then not long after got a message from a potential buyer. It could be somehow linked to searching, or it could just be the “online” status (eg. those who are indicated as online because they recently loaded a Fiverr page may be more likely to be contacted because of the “online” filter in the gig search).

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That’s really weird. Are you sure its not anything else?

Well, you know that I have the higher ups at Fiverr wrapped around my little finger, but I wasn’t going to come out and say it!

It might also be the location filter as a lot of the recent requests have been from Canada or US.

It can’t be the online status because I am on Fiverr most of the day checking BR and rarely get anything.

(And no, I am not receiving the prospective messages from BR, I already checked that…)