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Streamlining the process of 'requirements' from buyers


I find that a lot of my buyers just fill in the requirements section with either a ‘as discussed’ or ‘n/a’ instead of putting the real information I need. I’m sure it’s not just the writing category that has this problem?

So I was hoping for a solution because we all what to make things work quicker and provide a better service to the client and I think it would be best, in my situation, to upload a document for them to fill in. Do you think this would be viable after the buyer has purchased, in the workstream and I would love to automate that too.

I’ve looked on and there does seem to be a Fiverr integration but it doesn’t connect.

Any other ideas welcome, thanks


Have you tried the process outlined in the help files? My IFTTT connection is working but I know I had to go through some steps when I first used it a long time ago. I don’t recall all of it.


Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know about it :+1:


Sure thing. There still could be a temporary issue, I can’t be sure, but @eoinfinnegan was able to notify someone to check on it, so hopefully it will get sorted either way. :slight_smile:

(I was going to take credit for getting it checked, but that wouldn’t be fair to eoinfinnegan’s dogs.)


It didn’t talk about the issue I’m having with it which is that I press the button to ‘connect’ and it just takes me to Fiverr where I’m already logged in. Will search IFTTT for a solution next.


Thats the same issue I am having. Will comment here if/when I get an answer[quote=“fonthaunt, post:4, topic:146443”]
I was going to take credit for getting it checked, but that wouldn’t be fair to eoinfinnegan’s dogs

That doesnt usually stop you…


Hey everyone! We took a look and changed some setting. Please try again and let me know if it’s still broken!


It’s still not connecting. Unless we need to clear cache or something else beforehand?


Hi, I have found out from a company who did Fiverr integrations that Fiverr do not give out public api’s and that’s the reason we can’t connect IFTTT or any other application. What a bummer!