Strength Training/Weight Lifting Question for Men


This is only for those of you who use dumbbells and barbells. How much weight do you usually lift when doing squats, bench press, deadlift and other basic lifts? Dumbbells and barbells only…


Completely dependent on your body weight and structure.

As a former trainer. This is the best tip I can provide:

You want to bulk up, your work out routine needs to increase the weight gradually.

You want to tone, find the ideal weight and increase reps gradually.


Yes, but can you give some idea…I am 5’ 8’’ and weigh 66 kg…I want to tone up, get fitter…how much should I be lifting? Tone up for 2-3 months, and then bulk up…



I am prefect match for you and hope you like my idea too. My weight is 66.50 KG and height is 5.85’’.

I am doing Gym regularly.

Start 15 days.

3-4 KG.

After 15 days again

4-6 KG

After 15 days again

7.5 Kg 1 set (15 reps)
8.5-9 KG (12 reps)
10 KG (8-10 reps)

Take 1 minute break between all reps.


Thanks! That’s what I wanted to know…I have dumbbells in the range from 5 kgs to 12.5 kgs. I used to do 12.5 kgs in my pre-Fiverr days but didn’t have the time to exercise last 3 years. Now want to start again. Thank you so much!


I’m 5’ 8" and weight 56KG. Want to gain some weight. :confused:


Well honestly, I wish I could give you a formula to calculate the weight, unfortunately I can’t.

Like, I stopped working out about 4/5 years ago, I have a barbell now with only 5kg each, and even this hits me if i do bicep curls.

Umm, well you have to decide on your final goals. Because the method for toning vs bulking is different.

Ideally you would want to bulk up as much as possible then tone down to your desired weight and form.

So you should start with something that is ideal for you and does not break your back.

Everything should be structured and have a strict routine. Also have breaks between upper body work outs and lower body, like do it in alternative days.

Your abs build when they are actually resting, so give 2 days break for that.

Sorry, all this seems abstract, but there’s quiet a lot of research you can do for this. is a very good source.

So start with weights that you feel are as CLOSE to comfort as but not too comfortable, because in the end you have to FORCE yourself and that what basically creates your muscle. When you destroy it, it rebuilds stronger and that’s how you gain etc.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! Yeah, will look up that.


Oh, @cardellio64, care to “weigh” in on the conversation? This is right up your alley. :grinning:

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22 x2 Pound for Bench Press
10 x2 Pound for military press
5 x2 Pounds for other hand exersise (I forgot those names) :smiley:
btw I’m 5’ 6" ,85kg only :frowning:


Good question. oya answer members


I run cross country and track at my university and my coach had us do more explosive stuff rather than lifting to get bulkier. Monday we would bench and some other core exercises, Tuesday we would squat, and Thursday we would deadlift. Nothing wrong with the basics! :sunglasses:


Bro, you need to do cardio first.


Yeah :wink: cardio are 1st in the list :wink:


I joined a gym 2 years ago and left in a month. I was around 5’8 and 50 kg back then. When I joined gym I used to lift 2 kg dumbbells for normal bicep curls. After a month, I was easily able to lift 8 kg dumbbells.

Smh I seriously need to get in shape.


None anymore because as soon as you fall out of you training regimen all that lovely muscle turns to man boob.

Eat keto, chain smoke, do regular cardio, and fast a bit when you start getting too fat. This is in my humble experience, the best way to stay in shape when freelancing.


Chain smoke? Does anyone still do that? :astonished:

A high protein diet with a soy shake every day and carbs ONLY just before hitting the gym helps a lot.
(Sorry to interrupt the man thread!)

A one day a week fast is supposed to be extremely healthy and promote longevity.


Let me give you diet plan for start up of GYM.

Diet : 40%
7-8 hour sleep - 25%
Workout - 35%

This is totally true and best tips that no one will suggest you.

Diet plan for start up person:

Macronutrient Breakdown:

35% Protein
40% Carbs
25% Fats

Total calories:
2,500-3,000 Daily

PROTEIN SOURCES: Beans (any kind), soy, protein powders, eggs (including yolk), dairy (milk), tempeh, tofu
CARBS: Lots of green vegetables (spinach, green beans, peas) - (palak, lila vatana, vatana)
FATS: Olive oil, avocados, coconut oil


(all weights must be HEAVY, allowing you to only do a MAXIMUM of 10 reps per set)

4 sets of 10 reps
Wide grip lateral pulldown
Dumbbell bicep curls, 1 arm at a time (sitting)

4 sets of 10 reps
Single arm bentover dumbbell rows
Seated dumbbell hammer curls (both arms at the same time)

5 sets of As many as you can do reps
Pullups using only bodyweight (wide overhand grip)

4 sets of 10 reps
Flat bench barbell press
Dumbbell kickbacks

4 sets of 10 reps
Cable chest flys (shoulder height position on the cable)
Tricep dips using bodyweight

5 sets of as many as you can do reps

I hope you like it.


Thank you for this comprehensive plan! I have copied it down, and will take a print out! Very kind of you!


Follow this plan and then let me know in 1 month.

One things I forgot: Always make Dips after warm up.

Try to make dips and always 3-3 more day by day. That will pull your strength to very high level.

2 banana every morning with milk :slight_smile:

You can follow this link for abs workout: