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Stress over STAR rating affecting my performance

I’m getting so distracted by not getting perfect rating it’s affecting my performance. I spend more time trying to negotiate, and worry about how I’m going to work with a buyer in the future, because I’m worried about my rating being affected. I’m overthinking my otherwise stellar performance. I think this star rating is horrible and stressful and miserable.

Do Not Like

*****as an amendment here, my buyer happily gave me a full 5 stars. The market will hopefully just work itself out here.

Reply to @misscrystal: I know what you mean, so frustrating when you do all you can and then someone can affect your rating and have zero accountability!!!

@ kiffinyjean: I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so stressful and the fun and excitement we used to have working on Fiverr has been gone :frowning: I literally had to beg one of my buyers to revise the low star rating (even if I have done my best and the buyer rated me after 3 months) but still no response. So disappointing.

I’ve been working on Fiverr for nearly 2 years now and I was able to maintain 100% rating but now I’m also confused about how I’m going to deal with such situations in the future. I certainly wouldn’t like to spend my time negotiating with buyers because I can use that time to do the other gigs. This will lower our performance as you mentioned because now we always have to think about the rating.

CLICK THE LINK ABOVE AND scroll to the bottom of their blog and let Fiverr know how you feel

@Sachin81 – I just finished negotiating with a buyer. They even agreed to change the rating. But I had to go through the whole process of explaining how to change the rating to them. Taking up more time from my other buyers!

Reply to @kiffinyjean: That’s horrible! You shouldn’t have to negotiate anything with the buyer. They order the gig, you deliver as promised, the buyer walks away with what they ordered.

This rating system will be the death of Fiverr.

They’re letting buyers extort sellers into doing extras that are not part of the gig by dangling low star ratings over our heads.

I got my first ever less than perfect rating: a 4 star rating for service, no idea why. Very upsetting to me. It saps the fun right out of the site. So stressful. I did everything right. No control over those stars no matter how perfect my job.

Keep your chin up Kiffiny, everyone still appreciates your great work, hope things smooth out on this site soon and good sellers start getting rewarded!!!