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Stretched pictures in search results. Buyer's first impression

Hi everyone!
First of all I would like to make a disclaimer.
I’m still trying to figure out how to cope this problem and all your advices will be more than appreciated. May be I just have not full information.

It looks like a lot of us have the same difficulties with adjusting gig picture size, especially aspect ratio of the picture. The main image of the gig can look awesome on gig page but when it appears on search result it looks stretched and non-adjusted.

I tried to get information about aspect ratio in fiverr support page, in FAQ, on this forum, and found a lot. 500 x 370, 1600x1076, and even 690x426 as last recommendation.
And this ratios work well. Until you try to check how your gig looks in search results.

You’ll have disappointing surprise. Even when I use recommend by Fiverr ratio 690x426, my gig thumbnail in search result is stretching in horizontal direction. In addition to this effect, there is cutting sides of picture - what it’s crucial when use text.

Seems like that’s not only mine and even not sellers problem, but the system’s in general. I found that all pictures in any random search result look stretched and a little bit blurred. Especially stretching is very noticeable when faces and people are on the picture (see attachment with random search results).

All of us (including management) focused on buyers first of all to provide them excellent experience and service. And it starts from search request - and first impression.
When buyers see distorted images, stretched faces, inappropriate proportion on the pictures - it could make them to feel like they surrounded by not professionals but clumsy students who even can’t set the picture.
Can they expect great service and trust the sellers and platform after this impression?

I’m still trying to find solution, but it looks like it’s impossible from a seller’s side. And if this is a system problem, only Fiverr’s developers can resolve it.

And what do you think about it? Please, share your vision and experience here!

So I did an old-school cheat.

I displayed the search window on my desktop and measured the image size with a ruler.

In QuarkXpress I used those exact measurements for my Gig images.

Guess what?

It worked.

No distortion.


Wow, so easy!
and no distortion in another places? I mean on gig page and “buyer’s gig” ribbon?,

Must try!)


I haven’t noticed any distortion.

I’m an old-school kinda guy and went with logic to solve the problem because I had stretching problems at first as well.

Old school - best school! Thank you for your idea!

I just think why Fiverr can’t solve it. In the way of buyer’s impression it’s quite important moment. :man_shrugging:

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I saw it as an opportunity to improvise.

Some of my best work comes from improvisation…lol

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Just tried to get aspect ratio from the screen… It was 700x420
For me it doesn’t work (((
See attachment


I would try it again but shorter the measurement of width and see what happens.

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