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Stretched Profile Photo? Solved!

I was following the Fiverr guidelines (there are 2 different ones) for the size the profile images need to be and while it looks perfect in some instances- in others it’s stretched and looks totally unprofessional. SO! I searched the forum and found a few suggestions…they were better but still a little warped. Then it dawned on me to use the snipping tool to snip the stretched photo- measure the pixels, increase the pixels to a nice quality size using the same aspect ratio- and bam. No wide stretching :raised_hands:


Except that different monitor resolutions also result in different ratios. Unless… Are you specifically talking profile image, or gig images?

The gig image has been the trouble maker for me…at first my images were super stretched in certain views and I notice it with other sellers images as well. Would be great if there was a definite pixel size that was perfect across all display mediums. Hopefully they are not as bad as they were anymore🤔

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