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String of annoyances

As a disclaimer, the majority of people that I work with are awesome. Like 99.9% of them. But there has been a string of ridiculousness lately that has made working here difficult. I’ve had four cancellations over the last two days from buyers who ordered somehow without noticing my delivery time and that “just wasn’t going to work for them.” This happens from time to time, but to have it happen with such frequency over the last few days really concerns me.

And usually when I explain that my turnaround time is about half of the stated delivery time, people are cool about it. These people just get angry, as if I somehow duped them into ordering and then jacked up the delivery time. I don’t mind refunding people, but I also don’t see why this whole thing is so difficult. It’s like ordering something on Amazon and then getting mad at Amazon when you forgot to add the faster shipping option.

I’ve also had two buyers recently who didn’t seem to understand that if they can’t provide the full instructions or if they suddenly realize that they left out a bunch of instructions, after I’ve delivered, it’s not my fault when the finished result doesn’t meet their expectations and that I’m not going to stand for fit-throwing when I refuse to make continuous modifications on a $5 order. I don’t put up with bad behavior and I don’t put up with people throwing a GD screaming fit over a couple of bucks, especially when the fault is their own. One guy even got angry at me after I “deigned” to leave him a bad review in response to the bad review he left me.

Luckily, Fiverr has pulled through for me and there are always great clients to lessen the blow of the bad ones.


Hi I am having an awful day today see my post :frowning: Im going out for a few vodkas and giving up for today Hopefully things will look better tomorrow after my hangover has gone!


Yea! I don’t know what’s wrong there days. I cancelled more than 6 orders in last few days, usually cancellation is very rare…don’t know what is going on.

I had the same issue when I extended the delivery time on my gigs earlier this year, some buyers just don’t go through the gig properly, but I did notice that this type of miscommunication was reduced a lot when I put the current delivery time in bold in the top of the gig description also.