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Stronger Punishment for those sellers posting into Buyer Request

Sometimes every second post is a seller offering his/her service. Please ban them at least for a month, or make someting because it’s like they making themselves extra chance/advertisement, and those who want to play fair have a disadvantage, and it is really frustrating, that those sellers spam the Buyer Request Thread.

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It is a serious issue and fiverr team should deal with. Many times i have sent my gigs to sellers considering those are buyer’s request. seriously annoying!!

Well its really annoying you can imagine here I am looking for a job then bam I see someone needs a VA then I have to read over to actually see that its someone offering these services, its just ridiculous!

I don’t know about punishment beyond a ban on their ability to post a buyer request for X amount of time, but there really should be a way to flag them directly.

Not only seller spam but buyers posting questionable requests as well. Fiverr and those working on it could benefit from it not being seen as a place where people can hire someone to break the law for $5.