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Structured Order Requirements Messed Up?

Anyone else notice the Structured Order Requirements being messed up within your Fiverr gig? Now all of mine are gone, and replaced with MULTIPLE fields of my “Instructions For Buyer” field, over and over again. This is SO frustrating!

I’ve noticed Fiverr keeps going back and forth on the new layout of gigs and I wonder if this has caused a glitch in the system. I wish they’d make up their minds and stick with one format or the other.

If anyone else IS using the Structured Order Requirements, can you please go into your gig and see if they are displayed correctly? Thank you!

Oh, oops. That would explain why one of my recent buyers was so confused and I simply offered up a mutual cancellation. Last I checked they were displayed right, but someone ever so recently submitted the same information twice… which in turn, I guess might be the reason why is that it bugged up since the initial release of the feature… hm…

Emailed support first thing this morning, still no response.

Checked and your right! Have you reported the issue to customer support?

Yes I have, NO response yet and I submitted it yesterday.

I tried to go in and delete all the extra fields, save, and they STILL come back.

Reply to @dayne1234: Good, i wont send a ticket on the same subject then.

The big question is what do our customers see

They see all the same replica fields, and it confuses them! Ugh.

Yep, have this problem too. Stuck with repeating instructions now…