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Struggle experience for my first order

Boy it has been a tough fifteen days.
I Finally got my first order today.

I have people messaging me and all but no turn arounds,uptil today.
So it is quite an interesting tale because I have done two free sample animations for clients.I had grabbed ( almost) a long term client but my hard disk crashed and I lost all my data(stored on it) from previous 6 years;It had my university courses,books,assignments and even my degree.Total bummer.
I had to get a new hard disk.Pimp up my PC,again.
Got an inquirer turned to a buyer.And they lived happily ever after :slight_smile:

Hi,crash hard disc data can be retrieve.there r so many software’s available on them on Google.

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You could back up important data every so often from the new drive just in case.

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Great Advice!Thanks Man