Struggles of using Fiverr. Fiverr has to do better. Better features. please?


New to Fiverr and it is so frustrating for a newbie one of of the few problems I am having is posting another gig, Fiverr doesnt state anywhere if you have to advertise one at a time or not, then another thing is sharing your gig with social media I was asked one time did i want to share my gig with google plus, facebook ,twitter etc and never again did i see that option , if in fact you can only share once i feel you should tell the seller that in an immediate pop up ,and the other thing is viewing my gig I cannot view it,I cant find it in my dashboard is it under review? And if so where’s the notification ? I dont know if my gig is posted or not ,Fiverr has a lot to work on at this moment I am not impressed.