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Struggling financially... I need Fiverr ideas

Hi all. I just started the idea of selling on Fiverr and I’m not artsy or crafty by any means.

But I really am not sure where to start. I’m good with data entry, customer service, reviewing products, writing product descriptions, that kind of stuff… My hobbies are watching various tv shows, listening to music, eating food, spending time with my fiance, and helping run some various Facebook groups.

With what I just stated, can anyone help me come up with some ideas?

Honestly, I am unemployed due to mental illness and would love to be able to help my fiance support us. It’s tough right now.

And some of my profits will be going to people who are also struggling financially.

I have a lot of other interests, but im just not sure what will sell…

Thanks for your advice!!

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My advice to you is just try creating the gigs, it’s all trial and error.
I’ve created a good number of gigs in the past but ended up deleting them since
I didn’t get any orders, on the other hand I kept the ones that were getting orders.
Try looking at other people’s gigs ( data entry etc) and get some ideas.

You don’t need to be all that artsy or crafty either to be successful.
There was once a seller here (he’s not around anymore though) who sang happy birthdays and BOY was he a terrible singer! And he was aware of it! He was so bad it was funny, and I think he was doing fine.

Try checking out the fun&lifestyle category, you might see something that will
give you an idea.

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These are great tips. Yea, I wanna do a variety of things on there. Is there a limit to how many jobs you can create?

If you are a beginner I THINK there was a limit to the number of gigs you can create.
Try brainstorming your ideas and then narrow down your choices.
Or you can try asking your friends, sometimes your friends can come up with the most
random and funny ideas. It has worked for me in the past!

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Welcome to the forum. Check out for how to get started on Fiverr.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: