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Struggling to get my 1st order... any tips? What am I doing wrong in my gigs?

So I came back to Fiverr after a year and gave it a try once more. It is urgent for me to work from home, especially because now that COVID-19 forces me to stay home and I need to make ends meet.
Do you have any criticism on my gigs? I have 3 of them. Do you have any tips on how to attract new customers?

Thank you guys!


Please see (IMG) point 2. You should probably make the text in the ‘translate’ gig image a bit larger.

You should probably also capitalize ‘French’ and ‘English’.


Thank you so much!!! This is very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to read and write to me :slight_smile: I will make sure I apply these tips when I am going to edit my gigs!