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Struggling to sell any gig


I have been struggling to make at least one sale.
I advertised my Fiverr account in all social medias, even YouTube.
I created two videos for my Gigs.
I posted two professional gigs and it only got 4-6 views, so I posted two more common gigs that has 0 views.
I read mostly all forums relating to making first sales and until now none of the advices worked.
I really need help to get more views and more sales.


2 Words:
Buyer’s Request


2 Links:


I’ve been using them with no luck and I’m still requesting
Thank you anyways


maybe you’ve sent a few offers


Buyer’s Request the best way to increase your orders


I also have the same issue lately. I try as much to exhaust my make offers but for about a week now no improvement. Stuck with 8 orders and only need 2 more to be a level one seller. Am really frustrated.


A gig Video really Helps , It can Increase your Gig Views and Impressions .


Not unless it caters to your niche exactly.

I fix websites, so why on earth would I post a video for my gig?

Gigs best suited for Videos:
Any MEDIA work, even including Voice Over, animations, fun and lifestyle, etc…


Well its obviously your choice , But a video helps in explaining your services better than Gig description .
I’m not forcing anybody to make a video sir .Its just a suggestion.


Thank you for the suggestion, I have already added a video and until now I’m still at the same state


Thank you very much, I read both and I did implement the tips on my account and I really hope this works out!


Would a video gig help for editing and proofreading texts?


It’s not about adding a video to your portfolio, it’s about the quality and content of the video that will bring you orders.

I had a look at your Powerpoint promo video and to be honest, I think a professional company would not use this type of design and graphics in their presentation. It’s not modern nor professional.

I would recommend checking out your competition or visit to see what a modern design looks like in 2017.

I’m not trying to be harsh here, it’s just that sometimes orders are not coming in because your service is not good enough. You need to do a bit more research and maybe even take a course to upskill.


See this is one of the categories where it is NOT really relevant to have a video. On the search result for proofreading gigs, I can assure you, you will not see many gigs with videos.

Now if you want you can still go ahead and create a video, but not too sure if it will assist in bringing more orders.