Struggling....When Do You Give a Bad Rating?


Hey, Fellow Fiverrs,

I would love some feedback on a question I have pondered for days. I have a seller that I messaged before purchasing their gig. I was told that the person could do what I needed. First, they cancelled the gig, telling me that they couldn’t possibly complete it for $5.00. Although their gig promises that and more :frowning: I was told that a gig such as I wanted would be 3 times more then the agreed upon amount. (Til that point, everyone previously had told me that my needs were out of their leagues. I appreciate honesty, thanked them and kept searching.)This person said for $20.00 s/he, lol, could and would complete it to my specifications. The work was sloppy (one revision) and the seller than marked her work complete. Despite my efforts, the seller said nothing until I threatened a bad rating. He responded with what u want? I give you all work. we finished! I work hard for my money, like so many of us. And now I wonder what to do. It will be the first 0 rating I have ever given. I can’t use any of the work. It is worse than mine, lol. Anyone had this happen or have any thoughts to share?



Reply to @hotwebideas: That is a tricky situation that I have been in myself. When it boils down to interpretation, they think it’s good - i don’t think it’s good but they’ve made an effort, I do not leave any feedback at all.

As a seller, sometimes custom tasks that you think will be straight forward end up being a total nightmare.

Personally, if I say yes, then I stick to it, even when it makes me a loss, but I can definitely understand the point of view from a seller that obviously underquoted the job and now just wants it to go away.


Actually I told them exactly what I needed. I told them exactly how to fix it, and I gave them the choice. Give me the revisions, or refund my money. Nothing. I gave deadlines. They passed, without a word. I have promised neg feedback if no response. Nothing for three days. I feel screwed over. Closing the door on an unhappy customer has boomerang effects. I am thinking of contacting support, and requesting my money back. Since then, I have found expert and honest sellers. By the way, thank you for your input :slight_smile:


Thank you. Well, clock’s ticking :frowning: . I have discussed this issue with fiverrs and colleagues, and have come to this conclusion. Whether the seller THOUGHT that they are great when I think they are sloppy and unskilled, in the end I was promised satisfaction. They said they understood, they asked few questions, they gave no updates, and sent their “product” as finished without asking even if it was what I wanted. The bottom line is that this is a business. If you don’t deliver what I want and when I need it, you fail to make the sale. Poor communication and shoddy performance reflect on us all. I have heard nothing and his time has run out. Thank you for listening:)


Personally, I don’t give negative feedback unless the seller is unresponsive or totally unprofessional. I have been handed many mediocre gigs that I have purchased and still have yet to give a bad rating.

I would refrain as much as possible, but give the seller a warning and a fair grace period to make it right. If the seller ignores you, then leave the bad rating, but at least try to work with the seller. That is what you would want if you were the seller, I am sure, so give the seller the same respect. Remember, what goes around comes around.


Reply to @hotwebideas: I’m with you HotWebideas.

I’ve more often wanted to give negative responses to some buyers :slight_smile: LOL


And I do everything to make sure that I am not a negative buyer. I’ll even ask before I buy a gig if the seller can or wants to do it, lol. So…What do you do when you feel screwed over? I gave every alternative, every amount of time I could and beyond :frowning: . MOst people at least communicate! I gave every chance last time and it ran out so I could not offer any feedback. What is the window before we can not offer feedback?


@tyger1 You sound like a really great buyer in a tough situation. YOU did everything right!


Thanks. Since major disaster, lol, I found 3 awesome editors and I want to pay them well :slight_smile: I have given them 5 star ratings and repeat business :slight_smile:

$20.00 is a lot for someone like me. I also found an awesome story writer. I didn’t even need one, lol. I just became intrigued with the subject matter and I wanted it. There’s so much talent on this site that I am literally blown away :slight_smile:

It would be a shame if one or two bad apples made the impression upon prospective buyers and sellers that people here only DESERVE $5.00.

tyger1 said: It would be a shame if one or two bad apples made the impression upon prospective buyers and sellers that people here only DESERVE $5.00.

Make your buyers and sellers happy and you will always do well here.


Reply to @madmoo: thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Reply to @ceceliavo: I agree.


thank you for the vote of confidence :slight_smile: After I gave the 0, I worked with 3 great sellers and gave 3 5 stars!


Hey Jamie17,

Still ranting a bit. I feel like a sucker, and I’m out $20.00 :frowning:

If they make an honest effort, and spend a considerable time trying and just can’t complete the gig the way I want, I have not asked for my money back. I have also given a fair review, applauding their effort, communication and thanking them. But when a seller or buyer refuses to communicate, money should be refunded to the buyer, or kept by the seller. In the end, if you produce shoddy projects and expect to pass them off as your best (this guy boasted several years in photo shop… don’t know how many classes he actually was awake for, :slight_smile: ) why can I pay the same $5.00 in good conscious to someone who works to accommodate you (wanna know who? See my collections:0) ) to their best ability and communicates well? I still say that those who can’t or don’t wish to do their best should not be representing this site…just my 5.00, lol.


Reply to @tyger1: It sounds as though you were treated poorly, I personally would not hesitate to leave negative feedback. “what u want? I give you all work. we finished!” is incredibly unprofessional and does not portray the kind of work ethic I’d like to be associated with as a seller. This person makes all sellers look bad, and if this was your first fiverr purchase you might not come back.

I’m new here and have noticed a lot of ranting about so-called “bad buyers”, as well as what appears to me to be a staunch protection of sellers’ reputations - sometimes at a cost to buyers. Almost as though sellers should always receive the benefit of the doubt while buyers should not.

I’m also amazed at the nasty things some sellers will say about buyers on an open forum like this, but that is probably for another discussion.


Reply to @tyger1: :slight_smile:


Bad Rating Worst Nighmare […] Sometimes Seller Do Well Still Buyer Threat For More Or Even Refund And Get Work Done For Free =D>


Oh wow, Tyger, I saw this post, and I got really paranoid that you were ranting about me, LOL

/heart attack over/ lol

yeah that seller seems like he’s giving you crap. how many revisions do i give? like 10? LOL.

He thinks 1 is enough? No way! Not in graphic design. ESPECIALLY for $20. I’d contact Customer Support.

Good Luck <3


Reply to @caiterz: You? Hmmm. NO WAY! See my collections, you and someone else, lol, and possibly one more… so far out of 10 bad ones…you three awesome ones… and some that are just not quite there yet :slight_smile: but far better than me :slight_smile:

…uh 10? lol I didn’t contact customer support yet, but what I did do is let everyone else I know not to use this guy. he’s about as un attractive as anyone I’ve ever met, lol.


Im sorry for your bad experience. If it were me I would definitely leave them negative feedback