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Struggling with a vague buyer

Hello everyone! I am currently struggling with a vague buyer who left a vague buyer request (misleading as well) When they accepted my offer, we briefly discussed the order and they asked me to make the order, leaving me constant messages like “Please make the order now. I’m waiting here.” I mean like five different messages within five minutes while I was trying to get everything situated.

So I told them “I’m making the order now. Please be very specific in the buyer request. I’ll need as much as I can.”

So they send me the vaguest buyer requirements. I ask them to provide more details and they seemed to be defensive, saying they already sent the details. I asked them to please give more details. The buyer requirements are vague. Then they tell me everything that they want me to do, but it’s so poorly written and seems like a copy/paste job that has more context they’re leaving out.

Last night, they begged me to let them go to sleep last night, so I left it alone.

Well, this morning, I sent a message asking for more details. Saying, your blog that you need me to write is about your business. I need all the details I can get since you are trying to have people buy your services. It would be very difficult for me to write about the topic if I don’t know exactly what you need in the topics.

It’s been nearly three hours since I sent the message and they’ve been online multiple times. I wouldn’t really call this buyer unresponsive, but more unhelpful. How can I ask them to be clearer without sounding offensive and rude? This buyer strikes me as the kind that isn’t very patient.

:smirk: did you try to summarize all of the info he gave you? Let him know exactly what info you have and what seems to be missing. Obviously he seems to have a hard time giving you details - try to make it as easy as possible for him to send you a reply.

I sent a more detailed message and will not send another one until I get a response from the buyer. I don’t know how complicated “please give me content and a few keywords” is. :confused: I can write a blog about almost anything, but if its specific to a business, I want to try to keep it true to that business. It would be horrible if I wrote a blog about the way a business operates and then it come to show that’s absolutely not what they do at all. Maybe he’s not business savvy…

That may be true and in that case, you may ask for info he cannot provide. If he doesn’t respond you have the choice: cancel, wait it out or you may as well finish your order with the little info you have. Not ideal but, who knows maybe he will get back to you with the details.

I’m often hired by businesses to write content about their websites, especially with my FAQ gig, and it can be difficult to get your point across without coming across as demanding or rude.

One thing I’ve found that tends to work quite well with buyers who don’t understand that you need to understand their business to write about it is to ask for a link to their website. This allows me to source all the information I need to write about their website in a way that makes sense to the business itself and potential consumers.

If this isn’t possible because their website isn’t live yet, as is often the case, I will ask if they have the links to their competitors or people who operate similarly to their own business, which often works. That allows me to find out the key aspects about a business and how it operates, which can then help me to form an understanding of the business and proceed to write about it.

I find this works as it doesn’t sound like you’re badgering them. Although buyers shouldn’t be offended by this, some are. Some expect you to be miracle workers, but remaining professional and finding ways around this allows you to complete a project and avoids conflict before the buyer/seller relationship has ended.

I see he feels like you’re harassing him a little bit with comments like “can you let me sleep”. This might not be the case, but you should act like you understand where he’s coming from.

Could you reply with a message that goes something like:

"Helllo [insert username here],

I’m very sorry to disturb you again. I know you are busy, but I just have one more request before I can get on with the work you have hired me to complete for you.

I was just wondering if you could provide me with a link to your website so that I could find out a little bit more about your business myself. This would help me to complete the task to a high standard without having to disturb you again.


Sorry this has been such a long response, but I hope it helps!

No, I wasn’t harassing him. He actually sent me more messages than I did. I think he was just tired and trying to get his point across while probably nearly falling asleep at the computer (not exactly the best idea if you’re trying to work out an order haha) He actually asked if he could go to sleep. I usually just assume that when someone is offline for more than 4 hours and it’s night, that they’re sleeping so I don’t bother them. But thankfully later this morning he responded with a lot more clarity. I mean if he was that tired he could have just said “It is late here and I am tired so we’ll discuss things in the morning.” But no he kept asking me if I had everything I needed repeatedly. Are you going to bed or not? Lol. But everything is good now. I have everything I need and the next time he sent the requirements, it was a lot clearer. So that’s good.

Yeah, that makes sense! I’m glad it worked out for you in the end. Good luck with completing the order.