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Struggling with Fiverr gigs!

Hey everyone, so I joined fiverr about a week ago, I’ve got my first gig set up, but I don’t seem to be getting enough attention on it, I’ve got a lot of traffic to my gig, however, no one seems to be biting my hook! I’ve got about 427 impressions, 388 clicks, 544 views… However, I’ve got nobody willing to buy :frowning:

Here’s a link to my gig:
I’m not posting this to tell you guys to buy from me, I’m just posting for some advice, all I need is just some tips for room on improvements! I highly appreciate all responses, and I hope for others to learn from this post too! I decided to post because I haven’t seen many people with similar issues as me, but I’m trying to grow and help everyone else out as much as possible!

I’m always also online, so if you’ve got the time to personally chat with me and help me grow, that would be awesome! All help is highly appreciated, and you’ll forever be in my heart hehe :heart:

Hello deno2018,

Welcome to Fiverr. I had a look at your gig. By no means am I a gig expert or anything but I think there is some room for improvement.

First off, kindly get rid of the bold style as it can make it difficult for some people to read. Only put words that you want to stress in bold.

Then, you could also present all the services you provide in a nice tabular/list/points form. That will make it easier for people to read and understand what you are offering (just from a quick glance). It will be so much more easier to read it that way, than reading a big ol’ wall of text without any spacing or line/paragraph tabs/spacing in between.

This forum, as well as the help and education centre of Fiverr, have TONS of resources which can provide you with an answer to literally ANY question that you might have. So, please go through them… This makes it unnecessary for you to have to personally chat with someone else to help you grow.

In the future, if you might have a doubt about something that you think hasn’t already been answered on the forum before, you can always create a new forum post and someone will hopefully be able to help you out.

Good luck!

Thank you sir, I highly appreciate your response! I’m going to begin working on everything you’ve listed right now!

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How’s this look? I’ve completely redone it to make it more appealing to the eyes of the customers!