Strugling to make my first sale , what is your advice?


hello i am a member from 3 years ago…

I have been away from fiverr since then , because fiverr didn’t have a payment method that deals well with my country banking system.

But now , after fiverr master card, i am back and i have DELETED my gigs and started new ones.

then I stumbled on something ! :: "I am now a 3 years old member who have a N/A status in my Responsiveness rating.

my question is …

If i am offering a gig like this one

which i offer to create an amazing logo intro video…I included 3 samples of my work.

Is it better to make only one gig offering my service , and use a different intro style for each buyer.

or should i create a gig for every single video style , so the buyer can get exactly what he sees .

the problem is the number of styles i can make is very huge.

thank you in advance