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Stub Born Buyers.


Ok so, here was this guy . He told me to write him a 3000 word article for $10 and he will then pay $50 for the next one, if he liked my work. I was very dependent on my skills, I know he would be pleased, so, I accepted it. Delivered him his articles, then he leaves a 5 star review. And then asks for the pictures that were attached in the article, send them to him. He says zip them and then send me. Did it. His tone changed. He said send them in good quality. Sended them in HD quality. After that I asked for his statement of 2nd order. He simply replied with the “F” word and an adding an ‘off’ to it.
What else can I expect from someone.
First they are so sweet and later they become Hitler.


Let’s not compare buyers to Hitler. There is no comparison. No buyer on Fiverr will ever compare to Hitler, I guarantee it.


Nobody tells you to write x number of words for y number of dollars - the buyer asks, you can accept or decline.

Please never go for the ‘do this cheap and I’ll send you lots of work’ play - it rarely works out.


This is a great scam strategy which a lot of sellers would fall for especially because of the new juicy order in mind. Learn from this and keep your pricing to a standard regardless of the buyer and his committments.


And you believed it?

He’s not going to buy the next one. He’ll move on and buy from the next seller who falls for this scam.

When someone suggests something like that, politely advise them to buy your basic package as a test order.


So sad to hear that. Well some people use this tactics now days to get a good work with low price. They give some good hopes in future and then disappears… :frowning:


with ‘‘buyers first’’ policy sometimes (few)buyers do scams. same case has happened with me. be wise to deal with clients next time.


There is no ‘buyers first’ policy.

Buyers will only take advantage of a seller if you let them.


And if you fall for this sort of thing, you’re no better than the scammer.

Find your common sense, and you won’t fall for scam offers.


Ok :slight_smile: It may needs experience to understand this (Y)


Didn’t wanted to mention, but his way of talks looked like he is an extreme professional, he was showing great interest. I thought he could be a senior buyer. Maybe he will even tip me, but expectations should be never made.
My bad.


A senior buyer will not offer you cheap deals. They are used to working with professionals and respect the process. As soon as they smell funny, place them on ignore. Asking for discounts or promising all their future work is a sure sign that they will be a PITA to work with.


I think you should selle according to your package no less no more then what you mentioned in your package all buyers are not the same you should not believe them any way this was a good experience for you and for all of us :wink:


I’ve learned my lesson from situations like these. I’ve done a couple songs for barely anything with the promise of getting royalties (which I have never accepted before) since the buyer was apparently soooooo successful with getting songs placed in commercials. I did it once and didn’t hear a thing back. Won’t be falling for that again.

As far as the tone change goes, I actually just had this happen with a repeat buyer, nonetheless. He was being all apologetic and flattering, then after I redeliver 3 versions of the work, he gives me a cruelly written bullet point list on why he doesn’t like my delivery. I always remind buyers that if I deliver what is described based on their requirements given, there really shouldn’t be a dispute-- it gives me the impression that they want the work for free and no more.

What I find most alarming is that this dude had the guts to ask for a deal and leave you a positive review, only to curse at you…? If he wasn’t going to keep his word, why did he say anything at all? Are people so frustrated with paying for a service that they feel this is necessary?


I absolutely agree with you. He seemed as a professional buyer, but actually he turned out to be a flake. This isn’t just fair, atleast not the abuse.