Stubborn seller beg for high rate


So i spent usd100 for a custom order to build a wix website (not cheap tho). chose one high rated web designer to do the job. come back to me with a lousy job. no common sense at all. i generously rated him four stars. but he keep begging for five stars cos my rating dropped his ranking and bother him a lot. keep begging and begging. now i understand why his previous rate was high. People were just sympathy for him. so regret buying now.


I am sorry to hear this. You rating should reflect on the work you have received. 4 stars is still a positive rating. I find this very unprofessional.


I would genuinely remove a star every time he asks after I initially refused.


Ask him for a refund so your review will be removed. Make sure to tell him it was unacceptable.


High rating should never be asked for, it’s a thing that should be granted naturally when a buyer really loves delivered work and is happy with it. If you need a high rating though, you may ask for it in a decent and polite way: “rating and reviewing the delivered work will be greatly appreciated”…that’s all :slight_smile:


most of our ****** brothers make that begging a point of duty.




Before he had a certain area of the world but maybe the mods took it out.